Why is Cleotha Abston suspected in the kidnapping of Eliza Fletcher ?

cleotha abston

On September 2, 2020, Eliza Fletcher, a 34-year-old grand daughter of a billionaire and school teacher from Tennessee, went for her morning jog and never returned home. Her family contacted the police and a search ensued, Fletcher’s family has also offered a $50,000 reward to get her home safe. A guy named Cleotha Abston who has a criminal history of kidnapping had been arrested by the Memphis Police Department on suspicion of Eliza’s missing.

Keep reading to know more about the missing of Eliza Flecher and the suspect Cleotha Abston.

Who is Cleotha Abston?

Cleotha Abston, (Pookle Abston) 38 years old, has been charged in connection with the disappearance of billionaire heiress, Eliza Fletcher. Police announced the charges against Abston including aggravated kidnapping and tampering with evidence, earlier on Sunday.

Abston’s criminal history includes a number of serious offenses, including kidnapping and armed robbery. In 2000, he was sentenced to prison for kidnapping a defense attorney at gunpoint. The victim was able to escape after Abston took him to a gas station to withdraw money from an ATM machine. Abston has had a long criminal history since he was a teenager. He was sentenced to jail for 20 years, and prison records show he was released in 2020.

Additionally, before the incident, he was arrested a few months ago on unrelated theft charges as well. This is not even one year after the previous offense he is charged for the same act.

Why is Cleotha Abston suspected in the kidnapping of Eliza Fletcher ? Read the incident clues

Cleotha “Pookie” Abston was arrested on charges of kidnapping Eliza Fletcher, who was abducted while jogging in broad daylight last Friday. According to police, Abston is seen on surveillance footage wearing a pair of Champion slides a day before the kidnapping, and DNA from the shoes was later matched to the Victim.

The police affidavit describes the abduction as “violent,” with the suspect, “waiting for, then rushing toward the victim.” Authorities believe Fletcher, 34, suffered a serious injury that probably left evidence, e.g. blood, in the vehicle. Abston was seen cleaning the evidence on the SUV. The details in the affidavit are chilling, suspect Cleotha Abston has “declined to provide investigators with the location of the victim,” and it’s clear that the crime scenes were terrifying.

When police showed up to arrest Cleotha Abston, the SUV with a tell-tale broken taillight was parked at the home. He even tried to escape but was taken into the police custody.

Investigators found that Abston was seen at his brother Mario’s home after the abduction, and Mario has informed police that he saw Cleotha cleaning the inside of the GMC terrain, washing his clothes, and “acting very strange.”

Although it appears Mario Abston was supportive of the police, he was also arrested, though not in connection with the abduction but with different changes of having fentanyl, heroin, and a gun as a felon.

What’s also clear is that the police have a pretty good idea of what happened, even if they haven’t found the victim yet. Let’s hope they’re able to find her soon and bring her home safely.

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How was Eliza Fletcher Kidnapped? What are the findings till now?

Eliza Fletcher’s kidnapping is still being investigated by the police force. According to the statement by police, it was last Friday Friday, when she was out on her usual early-morning jogging, she was abducted and forced into a black SUV. The kidnapping occurred near the University of Memphis. The police force has reported that they have located the car and are now searching for the woman.

Memphis Police Department has update the arrest on twitter comments:

According to the tweet: The individual who was detained has been officially charged in connection with the abduction of Eliza Fletcher. At this point in the investigation, Cleotha Abston, 38, has been charged with Especially Aggravated Kidnapping and Tampering with Evidence.

The police are still urging anyone with any information to come forward so they can solve this case.

While investigations are going on, this is a major break in the case and gives hope to Eliza’s family that she will be found safe and sound. More information on the case will be released as it becomes available. Our thoughts are with Eliza Fletcher and her family during this difficult time.