X.com: The Future of Social Media? Twitter’s Bold Move Has Everyone Talking!

We discuss Twitter’s new makeover to x.com, what we will be calling tweets now, what will followers be called now, how users are feeling about the changes, what Twitter Blue will be called, and more goodies worth the read.

Why Did Twitter Change its Branding to X.com?

Elon Musk has stated that Twitter was an extension of X Corp as it was a purchase for it and to preserve freedom of speech on the platform.

Here is what he had to say.

Twitter was acquired by X Corp both to ensure freedom of speech and as an accelerant for X, the everything app. This is not simply a company renaming itself, but doing the same thing. The Twitter name made sense when it was just 140 character messages going back and forth – like birds tweeting – but now you can post almost anything, including several hours of video. In the months to come, we will add comprehensive communications and the ability to conduct your entire financial world. The Twitter name does not make sense in that context, so we must bid adieu to the bird.

Elon Musk

Why did the hashtag #GoodbyeTwitter go viral? Partly because of Elon.

Goodbye, “Twitter” We will never forget you


Welcome, “X”

You have a lot to live up to.

Elon Musk Aoc

Is The Twitter Logo Professional?

To be frank the logo looks very minimalistic like someone purchased it from Fiverr. I like it but don’t love it personally. I wasn’t on board with the switch.

Follow Us On Twitter @bareillyco sorry X.com

What Are People Saying About The New Logo Change?

My mind is blown that this happened over a weekend with a logo from a user. Doesn’t this corporate rebrand stuff usually involve paying expensive consultants a few million dollars to make nice strategy decks?

Peter Yang

How Do People Feel About The New Twitter? X.com

The Users are both happy/excited and sad/mad/disappointed in losing the brand name we have come to love.

How about Elon? Well here is how he feels.

Today should officially be: “𝕏 Day” July 24th, the launch of 𝕏 Thoughts?

Elon Musk Aoc

How was your first official day using 𝕏?

Elon Musk Aoc

X/Twitter was the most expensive toy purchase I’ve ever made, $44 billion.

Elon Musk Aoc

There was a poll that Elon Musk did to change the color of the like emoji and make it where the Logo would be the same color. Which one? 💙🤍🖤

How do you guys feel about this? We voted on White Personally.

What Will Tweets Be Called?

This is still up for debate. I have seen them try to talk about pronouns, Elon has made a word play by saying Xeeting for like cheating. But it’s in the air. Here are some tweets about it.

Xeeting <–


Introducing the all-new X!


Now, everyone’s tweeting in style with pronouns like Xe, Ze, and They!


Spread the love with 280 characters of trans-inclusive hilarity!


Let’s retweet the future, one pronoun at a time!


What Will Followers Be Called?

Elon has mentioned that the followers may stay followers. He has even gone as far as to say viewers but that is in the air. A user that we follow has mentioned XP for followers and We love video games so we are more behind that!… Here are some mentions that may interest you.

No sleep until 44444 𝕏p.

𝕏p is 𝕏 people.

They have more dignity than followers.

Plus, video games.


What Will Twitter Blue Be Called?

Honestly, We cannot even believe we are saying this but it’s decided on Balls!

I know but check out these Tweets! 💀

Check Out This Pricing!

Balls Personal & Creators$8 A Month $96 A Year But Varies on IOS
Balls Verified$1000 A Month Plus $50 Per Sub Account$12000 A Year
Wowza! These prices can get expensive.

X.com is now a redirect!

Here is a cheap shot from Mark… 💀

Twitter Files May Be Called Xfiles.

#TwitterFiles will now be called the X-Files. I mean, I’m just assuming.


I mean it is not official but Xvideos is!

Twitter Videos To Be Named Xvideos

Hope you guys enjoyed the read!