It’s Been Years – What Happened To Lazy Ass Stoner Jay Wessman?

Jay Wessman Aka Lazy Ass Stoner as his Official YouTube Channel, is a stoner who makes niche blogs and websites to promote various products. 2 Years ago he dropped a video titled “Google Adsense Alternatives That EXPLODED My Earnings” and then he dipped. We will discuss where he went. Read on to see for yourself.

Jay Wessman Humble Beginnings To Lazy Ass Stoner

Jay wessman, Lazy ass stoner

In 2009 Jay began affiliate marketing. With his earnings, he began his YouTube channel resulting in substantial growth.

In 2011 He began his channel with only 8 subscribers.

In 2014 Jay dropped a video on marketing and then canceled his previous YouTube channel.

Where Is Jay Wessman Now

New Channels?

One possibility is he is making videos for “I Love Lucid Dreaming”. Which I believe is a strong possibility because it sounds exactly like Jay, he has the same video quality as Jay, and he has similar thumbnails too. Have to Listen to this video and tell me differently… unfortunately, the channel has since been removing videos? But here is another that has a recording.

Exploring Jay Wessman’s Internet History

Jay Is Busy With His Screw 95 Course.

Here is an honest review of the screw95 course.

I don’t like Jay’s hat!

But he isn’t even wearing one. This is the part of a review where the reviewer is supposed to say something that could be improved about the course.

But I can’t think of anything I would change so I was hoping he’d be wearing the beanie hat he sometimes sports.

So I think the course would be better if Jay was wearing his hat.

Seriously… Jay could have talked about more stuff, but in my opinion that would have just been filler.

This course gives us EVERYTHING we need to make profitable product based websites… what more do we need?

If you want to learn one online technique that makes you money…

Screw95 is the winner!

If you want to learn everything about making money online…

Wealthy Affiliate is the winner!

Seriously Wealthy Affiliate is like an interactive encyclopedia, the amount of skills you can learn is vast, the WA community is inspiring, encouraging,…. awesome.

My advise if you are considering just getting one of these great products.

Try them both out and see which teaching style ‘clicks’ with you.

Jay Has Been Busy With Life?

He made this post way back in 2014.

jay wessman

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeya haha. I feel loved.

I know, I know… I’ve been bad. But don’t worry I’m not dead. Here’s an update.

I’m actually banking and grinding harder than ever but as things have been growing and getting bigger I’ve also found myself with a serious lack of time. Life has been really good to me over the last year but it’s also been one of the most hectic and busy years of my life both online AND offline.

Between working on all of my niche sites, trying to keep up with an inbox that fills up faster than I can reply, moving houses twice, providing daily support to Screw95 members and a whole bunch of other time consuming stuff I just have not had NEARLY as much time to get on AffiliateFix as I would like to (it’s also why I just haven’t managed to get up any new Lazy Ass Stoner blog posts/guides in the last few months for those that keep asking).

I’m going to start coming back on again and posting when I get a free moment but to be totally honest it’s going to probably be at least another couple of months or so before I can really give this place the time and love it deserves again. But don’t worry… I’m getting there!

I’m currently working on and setting up some things so that I can automate and outsource some of my more time consuming tasks and once I’ve got this all set up I should have a lot more time to get back on here.

But when I do properly get back I promise it’s going to be SO worth the wait ;)

I have been working on some REAAAALLY sweet stuff this year.

I’ve been building up YouTube channels alongside lots of my niche sites and have found I can totally CRUSH and dominate the YouTube rankings EVEN easier than I do with Google. I’ve also found that YouTube traffic converts like craaaaaazy.

I’ve been doing a LOT of stuff with email marketing too. Creating profitable lists for my niche sites which turn what would otherwise be a ‘one time’ visitor into a person that buys over and over and over and over again.

Plus I’ve also picked up a slew of other seriously cool new SEO, viral marketing and other tricks and as SOON I get my affairs in order… I’ll naturally be sharing ALL of this stuff with you guys.

Not only will these new tutorials be in the same ‘no BS’, ‘no hype’ style as all of my other guides and not only will I show you REAL case studies, REAL earnings, REAL examples like I always do… but this new shit is so good that it’s going to make my old guides look like rehashed Digital Point guides from 2002.

Peace. Much Love. Watch This Space.

Jay Wessman On Affiliate Fix Forum

He Made Enough Money

There are a lot of us missing Jay and wondering if he is safe. What we know is he didn’t drop the course like he said he would and we haven’t gotten an update. He may have made enough niche websites and just disappeared which tends to happen in the online world. Google is making it increasingly difficult though with AI and major updates so it is possible we may see him again.

Thank you for reading. Leave us with your thoughts in the comment section.