Who Is Rapper & Comedian Buster Douglas?

Buster Douglas is a sensation with the young Generation X and has been using clever maketing tactics of pretending to be messed up on various substances for comedy to keep kids off of drugs. Its a very ingenius way to teach the younger generation about control.

Douglas has some good songs such as “Love Is Dangerous”, “Rachel”, “Invalidate”.

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Songs by Buster Douglas

Here is ‘Love is dangerous’

Rapper & Comedian Buster Douglas

Here is ‘Rachel’

Rapper & Commedian Buster Douglas – Rachel Song On YT

Here is ‘Invalidate’

Rapper & Comedian Buster Douglas

Buster Douglas has a staggering 197.9K following on TikTok & has grown a YouTube Channel called ‘eyedeals’ to 793 Subscribers and growing. The numbers have been checked 5/27/2023.

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Whats Next For Buster Douglas?

We have heard that Buster Douglas has been reaching out to ‘Theo Von’ in hopes of being on a podcast with him. This may very well benefit both influential social media artists.

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