Global Warming Set To Break 1.5C Researchers Claim to Raise In Conservational Efforts Being Necessary.

The number represents how much or how little the Earth has warmed or cooled relative to the long-term global average, Global Warming had its part to play, not the actual temperature of the entire planet.
Scientists estimate how hot the world was before our current reliance on coal, oil, and gas by using average temperature data from the years between 1850 and 1900.

They had long thought that a 2C increase in global temperature would be the threshold for severe effects, but in 2018 they dramatically altered this prediction and found that exceeding 1.5C would be catastrophic for the entire planet.

One crucial aspect to consider is the El Nino Event which is raising global temperatures because of the warming of our oceans.

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El Nino 2023 Meaning In Global Warming 1.5C

El Nino Explained on YouTube

With the El Nino we have to worry about Heating, the Death of many lives, Mass Die offs of marine life and Flooding. El Nino is a phenomenon that was brought on by events around the globe. It is usually a fluctuation around 5 years but looks like it will be around 2-3 years.

Will The UK Be Affected By This El Nino Event?

Yes. The Arctic will warm more than many other locations, with a temperature anomaly during the next five northern hemisphere winters predicted to be three times larger than the global average.

The analysis predicts that during the next five years, rainfall in Northern Europe, including the UK, would likely increase from May to September. Cited: BBC

FAQs about Global Warming

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What Are Some Climate Change Impacts?

Some climate change impacts include: Sea Level Rise & costal flooding, Extreme weather events & natural disasters, Loss of Ecosystems & Biodiversity, and Water Scarcity.

Solutions To Climate Change.

Mitigate, Adapt, Reduce.

What Does it Mean to Mitigate?

Mitigating means making it less severe and or painful. One example would be mitigating the Global Warming crisis.

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