What Is a Spotify Pie Chart, and How Do I See My Own Genre Pie?

Spotify Pie Chart

The Spotify Pie Chart is the newest feature for users of the online music streaming portal that has recently gone popular. This third-party feature analyses your listening habits and displays the results in the form of a pie chart.

This tool, which was developed by a third party, analyses your listening patterns and displays the results as a pie chart.

Learn what it is and how to make and view your own Spotify Genre Pie Chart to get a more in-depth look at your musical preferences. There isn’t a dedicated user for that, but you may use it to let others know what kind of music you listen to on Spotify on a frequent basis.

If you remember Spotify’s annual “Wrapped” or “YouTube Recap,” you’ll recognise this feature as being extremely similar.

What is the Spotify Pie Chart, and how does it work?

Spotify Pie Chart is a new web tool designed by Darren Huang, a University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) student, that allows users to see a pie chart of their music consumption.

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This programme analyses your Spotify data, evaluates your listening patterns, and then generates a pie chart with different colours representing different genres based on it. Just below the pie chart is a legend that explains which hue corresponds to whatever genre.

It not only categorises your listening patterns into broad categories like rock and metal, but it also breaks them down into specific genres like album-rock, post-grunge, K-pop, indie rock, and others that disclose the specific songs you listen to on Spotify.

This tool is similar to Spotify’s “Wrapped” function, which provides a summary of the artists and music you’ve listened to throughout the year. In contrast to Wrapped, the Spotify Pie Chart explains the genres and allows you to create a new chart every month.

How to Make a Spotify Pie Chart and View It

The Spotify Pie Chart isn’t a standard feature of the popular music and podcast streaming service. It’s an external tool that you can use on a PC or mobile device by going to its official website. However, you’ll need an active Spotify account to use it.

Launch a browser and go to this website when you’re ready. The website asks you to “Bake Your Monthly Genre Pie,” as you can see.

image 42

You’ll now be prompted to input your Spotify login credentials, after which you’ll be taken to a page that requests permission to analyse your Spotify data. The tool will construct your Spotify Pie Chart once you click “Agree.”

Then you’ll see your own Pie Chart describing the genres you listen to on Spotify, along with an explanation of the different colours that represent different genres. Below that, you’ll see a list of the artists you listen to the most, with the name font getting smaller as you go down the list.

Is This Pie Chart Compatible with Apple Music or Other Services?

No, this Pie Chart is only accessible on Spotify right now. Users of Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and other services are currently unable to access it. You can only utilise this online tool if you have a Spotify account and want to know what you listen to.

In the near future, we may see the same or equivalent tools for these services. Darren Huang’s pie chart maker is exclusively available to Spotify customers till then.

Spotify users are completely enamoured with it. People are discussing their musical pie charts on social media sites in droves. Have you given it a shot yet? Please don’t be shy about sharing your findings in the comments area. We are not going to pass judgement on you.