6-year-old Eli Hart identified as boy found dead in car trunk

6-year-old Eli Hart identified as boy found dead in car trunk

6-year-old Eli Hart identified as boy found dead in car trunk:- The boy found dead in the trunk of a car this week was six-year old Eli Hart, identified by family and friends as an adorable student at Shirley Hills Primary School with dreams to be just like his heroes – Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods!

The news has left students grief stricken but they will have crisis teams available for support starting Monday when classes resume after holiday break.

The tragic death has caused many kids indoors where it’s quiet enough not only physically speaking either emotionally as well since most are still trying cope mentally from what happened over Thanksgiving weekend.

Hart’s body was found in the trunk of a car around 7 am Friday, after Orono police were alerted to someone driving an abandoned silver 2004 Toyota Corolla with its backseat windows shattered.

“My thoughts and prayers go out not only for those who are grieving but also on behalf of our entire community,” wrote Superintendent Kevin Borg letter sent home early last week.”

6-year-old Eli Hart identified as boy found dead in car trunk
A woman leaves a note 

Officers conducting a traffic stop at Shoreline Drive and Bartlett Boulevard found blood inside the car while speaking to its female driver.

Moments later, when they opened up the trunk of this vehicle–they discovered Eli Hart’s body! It seems that his father had been fighting for custody against him mother since January 2021; but in April 2022 CPS filed an order giving legal/physical parenting responsibility over their son (Eli)

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In March 2022, Tory Hart filed to establish full custody of her son and on May 10 a judge ruled in favor. In the meantime though CPS had taken over Eli’s case from Dakota County Social Services so it wasn’t until early summer when all proceedings were completed that we learned she would be getting those final papers giving them up completely as well!

The Hart family has been hit with a tragedy that they likely never expected. After being alerted to an issue involving one of their own, law enforcement reopened the case regarding Eli’s disappearance on May 12 and his parents are due in court next month for initial proceedings against him being missed out-of town during elementary school hours without permission from either parent or guardian which could result is charges including desertion/deserting spouse if found guilty.