Sad News. Singer For Ambrosia David Packs wife dies from cancer, Stacey Pack cause of death and Obituary.

In this article, we discuss david packs wife, cause of death, and obituary. See what others are saying online, and condolences are shared.

David Packs Wife Didn’t Deserve What Happened.

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The late husband of the former lead singer of the 1970s mellow rock band Ambrosia is mourned for her recent death.

David Pack posted a statement on his official Facebook page announcing the demise of his devoted wife Stacey Pack.

In Memoriam: Stacey Pack (July 10, 1972 – Feb 9, 2023)

My wife, best friend, muse, and mother of our son Jackson (17) has died after a courageous 5-year battle with metastatic breast cancer. Only 50, she was more than extraordinary…and without her, I feel as if my life preserver has been taken away as I drift out into the open sea. In my eyes, she was the most beautiful woman God ever created. She had no idea just how beautiful she was because of her humble and sweet spirit. Dancing with angels, free from this broken world, we have committed her soul to our Heavenly Father late Thursday night, surrounded by friends, family, and prayers from Pastor Rick Warren and Ken Foreman. Her legacy of love will include her “Stacey Pack Best Life Cancer Foundation.” Started with the help of Michael & Amy McDonald and other friends in 2019, to support fellow pro recording artists & musicians battling cancer – giving 100% – the only org. in the world of its kind. In lieu of flowers, please consider donating. Announcements will be coming for memorial concerts in her honor.

Appreciate your prayers for our family in the days ahead and the weight of the pain we are all bearing. Thank you – David

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Happy New Year everyone! As 2022 draws to a close, I want to express my deepest gratitude to you for connecting with me in such meaningful ways this past year. You give me more hope and inspiration than you will ever know. I have so much new music to share with you. I can’t wait to release it! Keep an eye on for music release dates, my memoir, documentaries in progress, and a new merch store launching soon! There is also a Rolling Stone story in progress that I hope they will run soon. And lastly, please pray for my beloved wife, Stacey, who is bravely battling profound health challenges. Our faith is strong, and we trust God in all things. Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy 2023… and that your dreams take you “‘Somewhere you’ve never Traveled” in the new year.

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When my wife Stacey was diagnosed with cancer in 2019, realizing we are both cancer survivors, we felt passionate that our mission should be to provide help where none exists, artist-to-artist, in our music and entertainment community.


Stacey Packs Cancer Battle

Stacey Pack, who cofounded Ambrosia and penned and sung the lyrics to some of the band’s best successes, including “How Much I Feel” and “Biggest Part of Me,” said that her “Stacey Pack Best Life Cancer Foundation” will be an important part of her legacy of love.

It was created in 2019 with the help of Michael & Amy McDonald and other friends to support other musicians and professional recording artists who are battling cancer. It is the only organization of its kind in the world.

According to David’s statement, his wife Stacey passed away after a valiant 5-year fight with metastatic breast cancer.

Her reason of death is described in another statement as follows: I have to tell you with a sorrowful heart that I recently lost my lovely sister Stacey Pack (Vann) to cancer. Cancer claimed her life when she was enjoying it.

When Stacey and David first met 20 years ago, they discovered they shared a love of music and a commitment to the same religion. Stacey relocated to California from her native Annapolis, Maryland, and the wedding took place on Kauai.

They relocated from Manhattan Beach to South Orange County, California, after the birth of their baby, motivated by Rick Warren’s great book Purpose Driven Life. They joined Saddleback Church, where they served for ten years.

After that, in 2015, they relocated to Napa Valley in response to David’s Napa Crossroads CD, which was written and recorded in this breathtaking area. Jackson, who is now 16 years old, resided there for six years.

The Beginning Of The Cancer Battle.

Stacey suspected something peculiar in one of her breasts in July 2018 when she was 46 years old, but a regular mammogram revealed it was likely a cyst, maybe related to dense breast tissue, and she was urged not to worry.

She soon got painful shingles on one side of her face, along with inner ear damage. She was prevented from addressing her growing anxiety about her breast due to problems and the prolonged recuperation period.

She persisted and pushed her doctor for another mammography in December 2018 on the basis of her gut feeling, and was once again informed that the results were clear. Stacey was not happy and demanded a sonogram. She developed breast cancer, which tragically proved that something was indeed wrong.

Under the direction of UCSF B.C. pioneer and immunotherapy expert Dr. Laura Esserman, she began rigorous treatment in February 2019. Her medical team also comprised radiation specialist Dr. Joanna Yang and oncologist Dr. Michelle Melisko.

Triple-negative Breast Cancer Diagnosis

She was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, which was more advanced than one would anticipate. However, after undergoing chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation treatments for 18 months, doctors declared her cancer-free.

Even while on COVID, Stacey had follow-up appointments, and each time she did, her test results were clear. After 2020, the Packs required a period of total recovery as a family because David’s career in music and traveling had ended, Jackson had lost his first year of high school due to largely online studies, and Stacey was still regaining her strength.

They relocated to Kauai, their happy spot, in July 2021 (together with their family dog Winston), where they will live out their dream.

Only a month after the transfer, Stacey started experiencing extremely acute sensations in her upper right back, just as they were starting to find the healing they all needed. She couldn’t even get up due to the discomfort, so she called her oncologist and requested an MRI.

Early September test results were terrifying: cancer had spread to her upper spine. The family would have to take a flight to San Francisco in order to take her to the UCSF Medical Center right away. Following a full course of radiation treatment for Stacey, molecular blood analysis identified the precise gene mutation causing the new malignancy.

What Are People Saying Online?

Here are some Facebook users.

Happy New Year David and Stacey! Sending love and hugs to you both 

Stephen Bishop

Happy New Year to you and your family!! So enjoy connecting with you !! You’ve been my favorite performer for so many years!! Special prayers for your wife!!

@Patty Gamelin

David, I’d like to offer my sincerest condolences. I shared Stacey’s cancer charity on my page. She was a sweetheart and a bright light 

@Stephen Bishop

May God provide you all with the strength and comfort that broken hearts are in need of, and may Stacey Rest In Peace, in the arms of the Angels.

@John Regan

So sorry for your loss, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May her memory be eternal.

@Linda Angelakis

I am just now seeing this and I am very sorry for your loss! 🙏🙏 She was way too young! I hope many people will be comforted with the help of her foundation! ❤

@Lisa Oldham