Primary Murder Suspect Brooks Houck was briefly detained in Bardstown for not paying a $353 charge.

Due to many unpaid traffic penalties, the primary suspect in Crystal Rogers’ abduction was hauled into prison on Thursday.

Brooks Houk $353 Charge

KY. NELSON COUNTY — Brooks Houck was served with a warrant by Nelson County Sheriff’s deputies as he was working in a Bardstown development. He was arrested and lodged in the Nelson County Detention Center.

According to court documents, Houck was detained on a bench warrant for failing to pay traffic ticket fees. The charge was “non-payment of court costs, fees or fines,” according to the Nelson County Jail website.

In December 2021, Houck was accused of seven traffic offenses, including the inappropriate use of farm plates and faulty or missing licenses.

Later, the prosecution dropped five of the seven accusations, and in January of this year, Houck entered a guilty plea to two of the allegations. In April of this year, he was given permission to pay a series of fines in “installment payments.”

Houck owed the courts $353 according to court documents.

 “When a fine is imposed on a corporation, it is the duty of the person or persons authorized to make disbursement of the assets of the corporation and their superiors to pay the fine from assets of the corporation. The failure of such persons to do so shall render them subject to imprisonment under subsections (1) and (2) of this section.”

warrant was issued under KRS 534.060

Before posting bail, he spent a brief period of time in custody.

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These accusations don’t seem to have anything to do with Crystal Rogers’ disappearance. Seven years ago, Houck was identified as the prime suspect in Rogers’ disappearance. He has never been detained or accused in relation to the matter.

The family farm of Brooks Houck, located nine miles south of Bardstown, was recently the subject of a search by the Louisville FBI. Five days were spent conducting the search, which included the deployment of cadaver dogs, large equipment, and numerous agencies.

TIMELINE | What we know about the FBI investigation in the Crystal Rogers case

Brooks Houck Social Media

Brooks Houck can be found on LinkedIn

Bio: Manager, Threat, and Vulnerability Management at Accenture Security

Currently I work as a Cybersecurity Consultant for Revolutionary Security. I specialize in Vulnerability Management, Risk Analysis, and Information Assurance.

From June 2017 to Feb 2019 I worked as a Security Systems Engineer at Lockheed Martin. I worked primarily with government customers to develop and maintain vulnerability management programs, information assurance policies, threat modeling and risk analysis.

I was active duty military for 9 years, working from Pensacola NAS to Whitman AFB, and multiple duty stations in between. I am an award winning aircraft maintenance technician, having previously worked on the F-15C/D, F-22A, and B-2A aircraft. However, given today’s need for information assurance and cyber defense, I switched careers to focus on cybersecurity.

I am eager to expand my knowledge of cybersecurity, information assurance and information security techniques and policies.

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In connection with the 2015 disappearance of Crystal Rogers in Bardstown, Kentucky, another search is currently being conducted.

Crystal Rogers Found?

Brooks Houck main suspect in Crystal Rogers case | BARDSTOWN

Currently, Crystal Rogers Found hasn’t happened yet. Here is the information we have so far.

On Monday morning, FBI personnel were scouring a farm belonging to the man Rogers was dating at the time of her disappearance. The youngest child of Roger is likewise his child. The “Real Life Nightmare” documentary series on HLN highlighted the case of the missing mother, which has now garnered widespread attention.

The FBI destroyed a road in a Bardstown subdivision last year while conducting “several searches” connected to Rogers’ abduction.

Police only permitted a few cars inside the community during the search, and they barred reporters from entering.

More Information on Crystal Rogers

Agents examined a neighborhood where Houck has real estate in August 2021. According to reports, agents were searching the area with a cadaver dog, and a Courier Journal photographer spotted detectives using a jackhammer on a home’s driveway.

Agents reportedly dug up the driveway as they appeared to have located the place. In construction trucks, large portions of the driveway were removed from the neighborhood.

The FBI declared the Bardstown search to be over after sending six “items of interest” to a facility in Virginia for analysis.

As the primary investigator in the investigation, the FBI took over from the Kentucky State Police and the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office in the summer of 2020. In August 2020, more than 150 federal investigators executed search warrants at three locations owned by Houck and his family.

All three locations have reportedly already been searched “to varying degrees,” according to an FBI Louisville spokeswoman.

The “items of interest” that were transferred to the Virginia facility for examination are still under wraps according to the FBI.