Rapper 600 Breezy Shares “Heartbreaking” News of Her Girlfriend Raven Jackson’s Suicide

Canadian rapper 600 Breezy is mourning the untimely death of his girlfriend, Raven Jackson, who committed suicide a few days ago. He took to social media to share details about her love’s demise. Read on to know who is 600 Breezy, Raven Jackson, and what happened.

Breezy is a Chicago-based rapper and an alleged member of the Black Disciples gang. He is best known for tracks like Don’t Get Smoked and 11 Gunz. He came into a relationship with fitness enthusiast Raven Jackson in 2020, following the split with Queen Kay.

600 Breezy mourns the loss of her girlfriend Raven Jackson

600 Breezy took to Instagram on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, and announced tht his girlfriend, Raven Jackson, died by suicide. He further revealed that she had been suffering from mental health issues for years which got confirmed by her last text to him

Breezy uploaded a series of posts consisting of their images together, her texts, and videos displaying their bond. In the first post, he addressed his girlfriend and wrote:

“Baby why would you do this to me, why would you do this to us… I was coming back home I promised you I would . You just gone leave me forever? You kno [sic] how many people love you raven ? I would’ve never left if this was the outcome,” he wrote.

The caption hints that Raven took the extreme step while Breezy was out of their house. He also seems to be regretful for not being their for her.

In the next post, the rapper shared a carousel of pictures and videos. He called their relationship “the best 2 years” of his life in the post.

Breezy also shared his Girlfriend’s last messages to him

In the latest Instagram post, 600 Breezy uploaded a screenshot of a text message that Raven Jackson sent him. It seems to be the last text she sent where she stated that she was “just tired” and was “dealing with these thoughts” even before the two met.

Note: The following post can be disturbing to some readers. We advise you to view it with care.

Breezy stated in the post’s caption that he did his best to extend suppport to Raven. He also revealed that he “worshipped the ground she walked on,” before saying that he hates himself and will always feel like it was his fault.

He continued to remind his followers to keep a check on their mental health and signs of depression. The rapper is possibly blaming himself for not being able to save her.

Who is 600 Breezy?

Antonio Valentino King, popularly known by his stage name “600 Breezy” was born on April 16, 1991, in Chicago, Illinois. The rapper is mostly known for singing songs about gang relations. He is reportedly a member of the Black Disciples gang.

Breezy released his mixtape named Breezo George Gervin: Iceman Edition in 2016 which turned into a widely played fan-favorite. The album was inspired by NBA Hall of Famer George Gervin. Before this, Breezy had released a mixtape titled Sixo Breezo in 2015.

Some of his most popular tracks include Don’t Get Smoked, 24 Bars, Stop Playin, Lou Rawls, and 11 Gunz. He has over 65k monthly listeners on Spotify. According to Legit, 600 Breezy’s net worth is estimated to be around $700,000.

Breezy has had a history of being arrested for selling illegal substances on multiple occassions prior to becoming a well-known artist.

Who was Raven Jackson?

Raven Jackson was the girlfriend of Canadian rapper 600 Breezy. She was a fitness model, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker with over 300k followers on Instagram. She also had frequent appearances at various Tennessee film festivals where she released her short films.

Raven and Breezy started dating in 2020 after the rapper broke up with fellow rapper Queen Kay. Breezy and Kay’s split turned into a controversy when she announced that she’s pregnant with triplets and gave birth to Krown, Kash, and Kreative.

Breezy regularly denied being the father of the children while Queen Kay claimed that the he is. Jackson and Breezy had a relationship of two years until she died by suicide recently.

Our condolences go out to Breezy and Jackson’s family. May God let the departed soul rest in peace.