58yrs Old American Tourist Killed In Bahamas Shark Attack: How did the incident happen?

A Pennsylvanian woman died of a bull shark attack in the Brahmas on Tuesday, September 6 2022. According to the report, the woman was with her family were on a cruise ship the Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas. On Tuesday morning they were on visit to New Providence for an excursion.

So, how did the incident happened? Is this because of the carelessness of the tour company? Keep reading to know further.

How did the incident happened?

On Tuesday, around 2 pm, 58 years old Pennsylvania, United States was attacked by sharks while she was snorkeling with her family in the Brahmas. For the excursion in New Providence, they booked an independent shore excursion in Nassau. The local tour company took them to Green Clay to go snorkeling which is around half a mile to Rose Island, a private island located off the coast of Nassau.

The place has already experienced a shark attack in 2019 where a 21 years old American woman died. You can know about the same here.

According to the police report, around 5 to 7 people were snorkeling there when the woman was attacked by the bull shark. “The family was reportedly snorkeling in waters and that area is known for visitors to snorkel,” police said. “It is further reported that family members observed a bull shark attacking the female.” The family members and the tour company associates rescued the victim from the attack.

She was brought to the mainland; as soon as possible and there she was declared dead. According to the authorities, she had several injuries in the upper part of her body.

The area is closed and cordoned off by the officials for an indefinite time.

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What is the police’s feedback on the incident?

Police force superintendent of royal Brahmas, Chrislyn Skippings alleged that the emergency responders present at the scene responded immediately but “confirmed no vital signs of life at the time”. The police officials also confirmed that they are investigating the incident and the beach has been cordoned off. Talking about the identity of the deceased she added that it will be fair to say that she was the mother of the family who visited for an excursion.

“It’s just an unfortunate situation,” Skippings said.

The authorities of the Royal Caribbean and police officials have confirmed the tourist’s death.

According to the statements “While on an independent shore excursion in Nassau, Bahamas, a guest sailing on Harmony of the Seas experienced injuries from a shark”. “After arriving at a local hospital for treatment, the guest passed away from their injuries. Royal Caribbean is providing support and assistance to the guest’s loved ones during this difficult time.”

According to the Florida museum on the same incident, it is one of the most unprovoked shark attacks on humans.

A few days back, an eight years old boy survived a shark attack in the Brahmas last month. The attacks are quite frequent now whereas it is known that sharks attack humans very rarely. In 2021, around 73 confirmed and unprovoked attacks were reported. Out of which 9 led to the death of the victim.

As stated by National Geography on the species is that it is one of the most dangerous species which can live in both brackish water and freshwater. They are large and have the ability to inflict fatal injuries on humans. Their teeth are designed in such a way that they can shear instead of holding them.