Facebook Achievement: Tom Macdonald Hits 3M Followers – Boy Are We Here For It.

Whether it’s trending rappers, new music achievements, or social media buzzes you are sure to see Tom Macdonald floating about.

Here is a statement by Tom Macdonald on Facebook.

We just hit 3 million “likes” here. I’m the kid who got bullied in school. I’m the kid who struggled with anxiety and depression. I’m the kid who almost let addiction ruin his life. I’m the kid who STILL feels incredibly average in every way…but this makes me feel so special. YOU make me feel special. I would have NEVER believed that 30 people would care about my music…let alone 3 million. I feel like I snuck into an industry that hates me…and I’m here to hold the back door open for independent artists…and fans…everywhere. HARD WORK PAYS OFF. DREAMS COME TRUE. TOUGH TIMES DON’T LAST. TOUGH PEOPLE DO. Love y’all. Thank you. 


Who Is Tom Macdonald?

MacDonald is most certainly the most well-known performer in the nascent right-wing protest rap genre that he himself created. To the consternation or ignorance of industry participants, songs on YouTube with titles like “Snowflakes” (by MacDonald), “Rittenhouse” (by Tyson James, a “politically incorrect Christian”), and “Patriot” (by Topher, featuring the “Marine Rapper”) routinely go viral and even hit the charts. The “hick-hop” artist Adam Calhoun and MacDonald collaborated on an album that was published in February. Illinois-born Calhoun is to One America News Network what MacDonald is to Fox News; he has a laconic flow and coarse lyrics.

Tom Macdonald’s Newest Song

Who Makes Up Tom Macdonald’s Team?
Tom Macdonald (Vocalist & Makes Beats)
(111) Tom MacDonald – YouTube
Nova Rockafeller (Shoots & Directs)
Nova Rockafeller (@novarockafeller) | Instagram
Evan Morgan (Mixes & Masters)
Evan Morgan Productions
This is about as Independent as it gets!

New Albums

Tom Has 2 New Albums Out Now. “Renegade” & “Revolution” OUT NOW! Autographed Copies HERE: http://hangovergang.com

Who Sings With Tom Macdonald?

Here is a picture of Tom & Adam.

Adam Calhoun sings in some songs with Tom Macdonald. In my opinion, Adam is much more republican than Tom. In some of their songs, they can be seen as sometimes colliding with different points of view but they work well together.

Here is a picture of Tom & Nova.

Nova Rockafeller: Nova is Tom’s rock and he says so many times. She is a huge help and an amazing girlfriend to Tom. It truly makes his fans happy to see them together. He also sang with Struggle Jennings.

Here are a few songs with Tom & Nova.

In God We Trust – Tom MacDonald, Adam Calhoun, Struggle Jennings & Nova Rockafeller
Provided to YouTube by Adrev for a 3rd Party Ghost · Tom MacDonald Ghost ℗ 2022 Hangover Gang Records Released on: 2022-12-23
GFBF – “I’m Not Well”

John Rich: Yes, the country singer. He partnered with Tom for the hit “End Of The World”, and it’s a banger.

Here is John Rich & Tom Macdonald.


Yes, even Dax has been singing with Tom Macdonald. Who wouldn’t? Tom is very controversial, & he is usually right in his views. He speaks facts most of the time and occasionally has some biased views but you cannot deny the fact that he isn’t a part of the agenda. We are here for that.

Here are a couple of songs he sang with Dax.

Propaganda By Tom Macdonald Feat. Dax

Propaganda was a good hit.

Blame The Rappers By Tom Macdonald & Feat. Dax

He speaks straight facts about Hip Hop.

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