How To Recover Deleted Group Chat on Instagram?

Have you deleted a group chat on Instagram accidentally? Don’t worry as you can get it back easily with some simple methods. In this quick guide, we are going to explain how to recover any deleted group chat on the Instagram app or website.

Instagram is one of the most social media platforms in 2022 and this definitely won’t change in 2023. One of the key reasons why Instagram is so popular among youth is because it lets them stay connected with their friends via group chat, stories, and other features.

Among all the features, Group Chats are the most entertaining aspect where friends can share fun posts, memes, and Reels and have fun together.

Methods to Recover Deleted Group Chats on Instagram

When you accidentally delete an important group chat while clearing your DM section of Instagram, you may end up feeling helpless. Fortunately, it’s possible to get back the deleted group chat in the DM section without any complex procedures.

Here are all the methods you can use to recover any of your deleted or cleared group chat on Instagram. You can use any of these according to your convenience.

  1. Ask A Member of the Group Chat to Send a Message
    If you have accidentally deleted a group chat from the DM section of the Instagram app, you just have to wait until someone sends a message to it and it will start reappearing for you. Not only the new message but you can also see the older messages of the group chat.

This happens because the group chat messages on Instagram are stored in cloud servers and not on your device locally. So, all you have to do is text a member of the group chat personally and request them to send a message to the group.

Once they send a text, you will be able to view the group chat again. Alternatively, you can also wait until someone sends a message or shares a post in the group.

  1. Request Screenshots of the Group Chat Messages
    If you only want to see some specific messages from the group chat that you have deleted, then you can request a member of the group to send you screenshots. Make sure you are connecting with a trusted fellow while doing so.

You can even meet the person and request them to let you scroll the group chat messages using their account. Tell them that you have left the group and deleted the messages, so you can’t access them on your own.

This method will be very useful when you have also left the group chat before deleting the messages.

How to Create a New Group Chat on Instagram?

In case nothing works and you are still not satisfied, the eventual option is to create a new group chat on Instagram. You can add the same members who were previously a part of the group and the same conversations could happen again.

This method will help you when you were the admin of the deleted group chat and removed all the other members before deleting the group chat.

Follow these instructions:

  • Launch the Instagram app.
  • Now tap on the DM icon present in the top right section.
  • Next, tap the “+” icon.
  • Next, select two or more people you want to add to the group chat.
  • After that, type a message or choose a media.
  • Finally, tap on “Send.”

That’s it. This is how you can create a new group chat and have fun with your friends on Instagram.

There can be several purposes for group chats on Instagram. Some of them are just for entertainment while others can be useful to discuss a certain topic or plan things to do together.

That’s all for this quick guide. We are available to help you more. Feel free to reach out using the comment box.