How Did Demetrious Johnson Die? Know His Cause of death

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of Demetrious Johnson’s passing. The former NFL player was a beloved community booster who had been in the hospital for the past week. His passing was confirmed to FOX 2 by family friend and NFL agent Reggie Blackwell. Keep reading more

Who was Demetrious Johnson?

Demetrious Johnson was born in 1959 and grew up in St. Louis, Missouri where he would go on to play high school football for Ritenour High School. He attended college at Kansas State University and soon became one of their most decorated players, setting several school records including most tackles in a single season (183) and most tackles in a career (440). After college, he went on to play professionally for six years from 1981-1987 with teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He also appeared in Super Bowl XXIV as part of the San Francisco 49ers team during their 1989 season.

Impact On The Community

Demetrious Johnson was an active member of his community both during his playing career and after retirement. In addition to being involved with youth football programs throughout St. Louis, he served as president of The Sports Corporation – a nonprofit organization that helps provide sports opportunities for underserved children – since 1997. He also worked as an assistant coach at University City High School from 2009 until 2016 when he retired due to health issues. Throughout his life he connected with people through football while inspiring them to strive towards excellence both on and off the field. This is evidenced by so many people coming forward with stories about how Demetrious impacted their lives during this difficult time of mourning.

How did Demetrious Johnson die?

The cause of Demetrious Johnson death has yet to be revealed, however, family members have stated that he passed away of a heart-related condition at a St. Louis hospital. What was initially reported to be a heart-related condition has been clarified to have been an aortic dissection, which is a rare condition in which the tear occurs in the body’s main artery. This complication is considered life threatening and can be caused by various medical issues that increase pressure on the inner layer of the artery wall. Unfortunately, no matter what the exact cause of Demetrious Johnson’s death was, it has resulted from his unexpected passing at the age of 61.

Demetrious Johnson Obituary

Demetrious Johnson was not only an accomplished football player, but an outstanding individual and philanthropist. During his involvement with the Mizzou Football program over the years, Demetrious had recently used his influence to help up-and-coming star recruit Luther Burden with his name, image, and likeness campaign. Demetrious was immensely generous with both his time and resources to ensure that Luther could reach his goals. Demetrious will always be remembered as a great man in addition to a legendary athlete and will continue to be honored through the Demetrious Johnson Obituary.

Tributes Pour to Demetrious Johnson death

Samone Riney
Rest In Power to a great man who always went above and beyond for his community #DemetriousJohnson ! You will be GREATLY missed, your service to your community will live on for years.🙏🏾 🙏🏾

Brandon Da Boss Martin
I normally don’t post RIP’s but Demetrious Johnson has done so much for not only myself but for the city of St. Louis too! Last year he treated Terrance Clark and I like we were family and invited us to all of his events (VIP) and gave us air time on his radio show weekend after weekend! A true STL Legend and he will be missed⭐️💪🏾💪🏾💯💯💯

Ricky Garza
I can’t believe your gone Demetrious Johnson . You were an amazing friend. I was very lucky to spend time with you and be a part of your life. You gave so much of your life to St. Louis and the kids. I witnessed so many special projects first hand with you. Sometimes I was behind the camera in awe of your heart for this community. When you needed me, I was there, when I needed you, you were always there for me. I have so much footage of the amazing events and charitable contributions you created over the years. I regret not calling you over the holidays to checkin earlier, I wish I could hear your voice one more time calling me, “My man Rick.”
You were always so inspiring and I’ve never witnessed such a driven person in all my life. You lit up a room but your humble heart always made everyone else feel special. You were happy to see everybody. The center was your life’s work and you poured everything into it for the kids.
Heaven just added another angel. God bless you and your family DJ. 🙏❤️

Darryl Tyler
Rest in Power Demetrious Johnson! Such a great brother who instantly wanted to help me grow my business the moment we met (granted appearances on his radio show and access to his network). He truly will be missed! 🙏🏾

Today marks an incredibly sad day for not only friends and family but for everyone who knew or was impacted by Demetrious Johnson’s legacy as both an NFL star athlete and community booster. We can honor him best by continuing his mission of providing sports opportunities for underserved children through organizations like The Sports Corporation that he founded himself over two decades ago! Rest In Peace Demetrious Johnson! You will be missed!