GameStop ps5 in-store Restock Happening April 2 in US

It seems like GameStop will be hosting a massive in-store PS5 Restock celebration on the 2nd of April. Here’s what you need to be aware of!

It’s been virtually impossible to purchase a PS5 for more than an entire year. But, it’s been an amazing beginning to April 2022’s PlayStation Restocks.

Huge GameStop In-Store PS5 Restock Expected April 2

However, even if the PS5 shortage persists until 2022, many retailers have already sold out or are planning to sell consoles in the coming month.

Target is due for a PS5 to restock, while Best Buy has lots of PS5s to sell. In addition, it has now been revealed that GameStop will host a massive PS5 restocking event on April 2..

Here’s everything you should be aware of about the Restock!


GameStop Store PS5 Restock Event – April 2

GameStop hosted an in-store PS5 Restocking event in March. The retailer will do similar events from the beginning of April.

GameStop will be launching a massive PS5 Restocking event scheduled for April 2. Similar to the previous PlayStation 5 restock at the retailer, this one will only be available to PowerUp Rewards Pro Members only.

As a result, if you want to buy a console, you’ll need to sign up for a membership. It’s an extra expenditure, but it might be worth it if it means you can finally get your hands on a PS5.

Furthermore, this restock event is expected to be bigger than it was before. Previous GameStop Restock events have seen as many as 1,000 participating stores, but it appears like nearly all of the GameStops across the US will have stock of the console.

PS5 Console PS5 Digital Edition

It also appears to be encouraging in terms of stock levels. While GameStop hasn’t given exact numbers, Matt Swider of The Shortcut says that each participating store will have roughly 10 PS5 Disc and 2 PS5 Digital systems.

Customers will also be able to choose from four different PS5 Disc and Digital bundles at GameStop!

Have a great time if you’re planning to buy a PS5 at GameStop on the 2nd of April. It’s likely to be packed with so many gamers in search of a next-gen console!

We recommend going at the earliest possible time because the previous GameStop PS5 Restocks have drawn massive lines and campers for the night!

If you’re planning to purchase the PS5 You’ll need to learn more about PlayStation Plus, the newest PlayStation Plus subscription tier.

Sony has now released the full list of free PS Plus games for April 2022. From next week, you’ll be able to add these games to your collection!


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