How to Play Nerdle: A Mathematician’s Game

How to Play Nerdle
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Visualize yourself being weak at Maths , to those who already are , don’t imagine ! You’re already living a reality . Sorry for the offense lol . Yeah so being weak at Maths and then improving your maths skills by playing a game . Yes , A GAME ! 

To every game there’s a basic rule that says ‘play it with your mind’ but this time we’ve been introduced to a game that ‘ plays with our mind’.

 More interestingly , it plays with our mind , MATHEMATICALLY . Might give you an anxiety attack at first but on the positive side it could actually help you out .

 This game named ” NERDLE” probably called as the equivalent for ” wordle for math’s fans” is designed in a way that it helps you boost your math’s skills .

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It lets you solve mathematical equations using the same basic maths rules . You’d be given 6 attempts to complete one nerdle.

 Everyday at midnight a nerdle is updated and a time duration of 24 hours is given to solve it .

How to Play Nerdle ?

It is possible to play Nerdle on your smartphone or tablet, as well as on your laptop. Similar to the first franchise, Nerdle offers players six chances to find a solution.

After each attempt the 8 tiles in which you have to enter your answers will alter color depending on the answers you guess. Green indicates you’ve got the correct number in the correct spot, while purple indicates that you’ve entered the correct number but in the wrong spot and black indicates that the number isn’t in the correct way.

Be aware that the equations you write out must be mathematically correct, so that you won’t be in the dark when you choose numbers.


What Different color indicates in the game:

  • Green – Means your action are positive & in a right place.
  • Purple – Means place you have chosen is wrong.
  • Grey – Means incorrect equation in incorrect place.

Must know Rules!

Here are some easy game rules you need to be aware of.

  • Knowledge of BODMAS.
  • Works on 8 characters in the game.
  • Each character should be within the range of “0123456789 +-*/=”
  • Equation should include one “=”
  • The order is crucial; if you choose 20+30 = 50, then your order is wrong instead choose 30+20 = 50

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Yes, it is a Mathematician’s Dungeon

This game has gained users overnight and has become shockingly popular among social media just as wordle did. So rather than being scared of math’s , play NERDLE  and let your hidden mathematical skills change your game !