Fawad Khan’s Appearance in Ms Marvel Leaves Fans Curious About His Role

Fawad Khan’s Appearance in Ms Marvel

Fawad Khan’s recent appearance in the Ms Marvel series has left many fans curious about his role in the highly loved character series.

The Pakistani actor was spotted on the set of the Marvel Cinematic Universe production in Karachi, Pakistan, dressed in traditional Hasidic attire.

While little is known about his character, Hassan, it is clear that he will be playing a significant role in Ms Marvel’s origin story.

Set in Karachi, Ms Marvel follows the adventures of teenager Kamala Khan as she discovers her powers and comes to terms with her identity as a Muslim-American superhero.

Then she goes to Pakistan in search of her family legacy. The addition of Khan to the cast is a welcome one, and fans are eagerly awaiting to know more details about his character and how he will fit into Ms Marvel’s world.