Disney Plus Login Black Screen Issue: How to Fix the Problem on Any Device?

Have you encountered the black screen while trying to login to your Disney Plus account? If yes, this post will help you to resolve the issue. Read on to learn how to fix the Disney Plus login black screen error on any device.

When this issue occurs, you won’t be able to log into your Disney+ account and then you can’t stream your favorite shows and movies. Hence, it’s really important that you know how to get around the problem and get back to watching entertaining content.

Disney Plus Black Screen While Login: What’s the Cause?

There can be a number of causes for the black screen or loading screen when you are trying to login to your Disney Plus account. This issue can appear on any device but it occurs on computers and smartphones most commonly.

Smart TV users also face this problem pretty often. There are different causes or triggers of this issue. The most common ones include corrupted system files, connecting with a VPN, slow network connection, using an ad-blocker, or any incompatible extension.

How to Fix Disney Plus Black Screen While Login Issue?

Regardless of the cause on your system, you can fix the Disney Plus black screen/ loading loop stuck issue while login on any device on your own. We have handpicked the best and most effective solutions for this issue.

You just have to apply them one after another until your issue is resolved. Make sure you don’t stop until the error is gone, so you can get back to streaming your favorite shows.

1. Disable Ad-Blocker, VPN, or Other Extensions

If you are using any sort of ad-block or other extensions that might be incompatible with Disney+, you will face this annoying black screen issue while trying to login. So, you can simply solve the problem by disabling the ad-blocker and other extensions in the browser.

Another cause of the issue is connecting through a VPN. Just disconnect the VPN, reload the page, and then try to log in to your Disney+ account. It would resolve the issue. You can also try connecting to a different server if Disney Plus is not available in your region.

2. Update or Re-install the Disney Plus App

If you are using the Disney+ app and then encountering the black screen issue while trying to login, then the simplest solution would be to look for an app update. Head over to the Play Store/ App Store based on your device and check for an update.

If an update is available, install it and then try using the app. However, if there isn’t an update available, uninstall the Disney+ app. After that, restart your device and wait for a couple of minutes. Finally, re-install Disney+ and try logging in to your account.

3. Log Out of Your Account and Then Log In

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective. The black login screen issue on Disney+ can be fixed by simply logging out of your account and then logging back in. However, you have to do it in the manner shared here.

Firstly, log out of your Disney+ account if you are already logged in. Now reload the page and make sure you are logged out. Now close the website or app. Next, turn off your device and wait for a couple of minutes. After that, restart your device.

Now go back to the Disney+ website or app and now try logging in to your account with the VPN, ad-block, and any other extension disabled. Make sure all other apps are closed as well while doing so.

4. Switch Your Internet Connection or Device

Another simple solution to solve this problem is to try switching to a different internet connection. A slow or unstable network connection can often lead to this issue. So, just switch to a different network and then try logging in to your device.

You can also try logging into your Disney+ account on a different device. For instance, if you are on PC, try accessing Disney Plus on a Smart TV or smartphone, and vice-versa. If this solves your problem, there is a problem with the Disney+ app on your device.

5. Change your DNS Server Settings

If none of the methods shared above worked for you, the ultimate solution is to change the DNS servers of your device. You can alter the DNS settings from your router by accessing the admin panel. Use the following URL to access the admin panel of your router:

  • Linksys –
  • D-Link/Netgear –
  • Belkin –
  • ASUS –
  • AT&T U-verse –
  • Comcast –

You can also change the DNS Server settings on your Windows PC. Here is a quick tutorial video for that:

Credits: MDTechVideos

Final Summary

These are all the methods that will help you resolve the Disney Plus login black screen or loading issue. We hope we were able to bring you out of the trouble. Feel free to let us know using the comment box.

If you have any doubts or queries, please connect with us. We will be glad to assist you more.