Chris Olsen sexiest man on TikTok is dead or still alive?

Chris Olsen is a social media star with 7.3 million followers on the viral video platform Tiktok. Recently shock and confusion prevailed when the rumor about Olsen’s death was spread online. Many people have been curious and his fans have been searching more for the fact.

Keep reading to know if Chris Olsen’s death is true or a rumor.

Chris Olsen is best known for his work on the TikTok platform where he has amassed a large following of fans. In 2020, he was even given the title of ‘TikTok’s sexiest man’ by People Magazine. He is also proud member of LGBTQ community and was in relationship with Ian Paget who broke up recently. Olsen’s videos usually feature his daily life and routine, as well as his family. Consequently, his videos often receive millions of views. In addition to TikTok, Olsen is also active on YouTube and has built up a sizable following there as well. Consequently, Chris Olsen is a multi-faceted social media influencer who has managed to find success across several different platforms.

How old is Chris Olson?

Recently, Chris was in the news after an internet user misstated his age as 70 years old. No, Olson didn’t discover the Fountain of Youth; instead, an editor on Wikipedia appears to have confused TikTokers with 1970s child actors. In fact, Chris Olsen was born on December 22, 1997, in Washington D.C.

Chris took to his social media account to address the error, clearing up any confusion about his age. While 70-year-olds can certainly be successful on TikTok, Chris is only in his 20s and is thus far proving that age is just a number when it comes to success on the platform. With his creative content and engaging personality, Chris is quickly becoming one of the most popular creators on TikTok. It will be interesting to see what he does next and how his career continues to evolve.

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Chris Olsen’s Sexiest Man on TikTok is dead or still alive?

Chris Olsen’s death rumors were spread when curious fans stumbled across Wikipedia claiming his age of 70 years. The misinterpretation happened with the information of wrong information about an actor named Chris who was in his 70s. The rumors of Chris’s death might have started from his age confusion. However, a quick check of Olsen’s IMDb page reveals that he was born in 1997, making him just 24 years old.

Although, Chris has posted on social media and made it clear the information was not about him, and it’s hilarious to see the spreading of rumors about his death.

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While it’s easy to spot a fake claim on the internet, sometimes they can be difficult to refute. In this case, a simple Google search would have saved everyone a lot of confusion. However, it’s also worth noting that not everything on the internet is true and it’s important to do your research before believing everything you read.

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