Is Actress Jayla Walton Dead or Alive? Exploring the Cause of Javon Walton’s Older Sister’s Death

American actress and social media star Jayla Walton has reportedly died at the age of 18 according to several unconfirmed reports. However, the news of Javon Walton’s sister, Jayla Walton’s Death is not confirmed yet. Let’s find out if Jayla Walton is dead or if she’s alive.

Jayla Walton is trending on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms. Fans are wondering if the popular actress passed away yesterday or if that was a hoax and some baseless rumors started by pranksters.

Who is Jayla Walton?

Jayla Walton is a widely popular American actress who appeared in the Amazon Prime series Utopia. She is also known for her role as Kelly in the movie 1-800-Hot-Nite. Her other prominent appearances on the screen include a commercial for Nike and the documentary “No Days Off.”

Born on September 12, 2004, Jayla Walton is native to Atlanta, Georgia. The 18-year-old played volleyball throughout her teenage years and also practiced a number of dance styles. She loves acting, hanging out with her friends, and traveling.

Jayla Walton is also a famous social media star with 1.4 million followers on Instagram and 21.1K followers on Twitter. She regularly posts her pictures, videos, and updates about herself on social media.

Jayla Walton Family: She is the Older Sister of Javon Walton

Jayla Walton is the older sister of actor Javon Walton. Javon is best known for playing Ashtray in the HBO series Euphoria. Jayla also has two other siblings named Jaden Walton and Daelo Walton.

She is the daughter of DJ Walton and Jessica Walton. The family lived in Georgia together before Jayla’s career took off and she moved out.

Is Jayla Walton Dead or Alive?

Since yesterday, rumors and news about Jayla Walton’s death are surfacing on social media platforms. However, her death is not confirmed at this time. The anonymous news outlets are reporting that Jayla Walton died in a car accident.

However, there is no credible source mentioned to believe them. The Walton family hasn’t shared any statements either. Hence, we believe that Jayla Walton’s death is merely a hoax.

Jayla Walton is likely alive and proof of this could be seen on Twitter. She recently sent out a tweet writing, “Today is the day of my POPS 💘,”

She also sent another tweet writing, “I hope Jaden gets better” on October 14, 2022. It’s unknown why she wrote this and what’s wrong with her sibling.

She was also active on Twitter a couple of days ago. We’d like to conclude that Jayla Walton is not dead yet. We’re still trying to reach out to her family and representatives to get an official statement though.

Did Jayla Walton die at 18: What Happened?

No. Jayla Walton didn’t die at the tender age of 18 as claimed by the baseless rumors surfacing the web. She is reportedly doing well and alive at her home. The news of Jayla Walton’s death was simply fake news and has been debunked by her fans.

No one related or close to Jayla Walton has come out and announced that she isn’t alive and died in a car crash as stated in the rumors.

Where did the rumors about Jayla Walton’s death come from?

The rumors about Jayla Walton’s death at 18 started from TikTok. There are plenty of videos stating that the actress passed away in a tragic and sudden manner. Later, the news transitioned to other social media platforms.

However, there’s no reliable and credible source mentioned in any of the reports. Thus, we’re hoping for the best and believing that Jayla Walton is not dead. We’re trying to confirm this with the people close to her. We’ll keep you posted.

Jayla Walton Net Worth 2022: How rich is she?

Meanwhile, fans have started wondering how rich is Jayla Walton and how much her net worth is in 2022 amidst the rumors of her death.

According to Stark Times, Jayla Walton’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. The main sources of her riches are brand deals and promotions as a social media content creator and influencer and her several acting gigs.
Video Source: YouTube | Video by: Lydia Rosado

Jayla started focusing on her career at a very young age. She has received enough roles and fame to make a great fortune.

Our prayers go out to Jayla Walton if anything isn’t fine with her. May God protect her and she continues to entertain the fans.