WWE Referee Tim White Died At 68

Tim White Died

Tim White, a former WWE referee and assistance to Andre The Giant, died at the age of 68.

In 1985, White began working as a referee on a contract basis. After Andre’s death in 1993, White took up the work full-time and advanced to the position of.

Tim White, a veteran WWE referee, died peacefully in his sleep.

He worked there for 11 years before his career was cut short due to a shoulder injury.

White is well known for directing some of WWE’s most renowned matches, including the legendary Hell in a Cell match between The Undertaker and Mankind at King of the Ring 1998.

After his formal career ended, White worked as an official agent for a few seasons in the background.

Fans and former WWE stars have paid tribute to him.

“I lighted up each time I saw this man!” Ettore “Big E Ewen” tweeted. In recent years, Tim White has frequently been the person in charge of leading us at appearances and conferences.

“He was always really kind and inviting.” My buddy, you will be missed.

“To his family and friends, my heartfelt sympathies.”

Fans have also shown their anguish by writing on the internet, “He is back with Andre.”

“Legend” and “one of the finest” were among the other terms used.

Dave Hebner, who died just a few hours before him, died the same day.

Hebner 73 was a former WWE referee that officiated the classic Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant match.