Who was Marcelo Pecci and what was his cause of death? Paraguayan anti-mafia prosecutor killed on Colombia honeymoon

Who was Marcelo Pecci and what was his cause of death? During a Colombia honeymoon, a Paraguayan anti-mafia prosecutor was killed: We want you to know that during his honeymoon, the prosecutor, Marcelo Page, was the victim of a violent event. He died as a result of this. He had gone from our lives. Organized crime is the prosecutor’s specialty. The prosecutor, however, died in the middle of his honeymoon, as we recently learned. When the news broke online, it sparked a firestorm of debate, with many people wondering what had happened to the prosecutor. Many details of his story are discussed in the following sections. You should read the articles that follow in this column because you’ll learn about his wife and the stunning event that occurred during the incident

Marcelo Pecci

who is Marcelo Pecci?

On the Tuesday of this week, a horrific incident occurred in Cartagena during which Marcelo Page lost his life. Marcelo Page is a Paraguayan prosecutor in the city to enjoys his honeymoon with his wife known as Claudia Aguilera. What happened to him, and what’s the cause of death for Marcelo Page? According to the source, the public has come to be known that he was shot to death in a brutal incident. The reason for his death is thought to be due to a shotgun. Please read the following section to learn more about his wife and other details about his personal life.

Marcelo Pecci Death Cause

As we’ve mentioned previously, he was on a vacation for his honeymoon in Cartagena along with his wife Claudia Aguilera. Claudia is a journalist who works as a professional, and her husband is a well-known prosecutor who concentrated his expertise on terrorist financing, drug money laundering, and organized crime. According to reports, the couple was traveling on their honeymoon in Colombia, but they weren’t aware of the dangers that could occur to them during their honeymoon. Please take a look at the following section to learn about the place and the location where he died.

How did Marcelo Pecci die?

Based on the initial investigative report, the prosecutor was one of the victims in a shoot-out incident at the entrance of a renowned hotel in Naru. He was killed and shot at the scene in Cartagena De Indias. The prosecutor was aged 45 years when he died, and he was most recently investigating the case of ULTRANZA PY. This is all we have for the prosecutor Marcelo Page’s assassination reports. However, we’re trying to gather more accurate news for you. Stay tuned for updates and more information.