Who was Trevor Strnad, and what was the cause of his death?

Who was Trevor Strnad, and what was the cause of his death

.Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder passed away at the age of 41.

Trevor Strnad, Singer for the Black Dahlia Murder, Dies at 41 | Pitchfork

Trevor Strnad, co-founder and vocalist of the death metal band The Black Dahlia Murder, has died. The pop group was labeled as death metal, and the terrible news was confirmed on Facebook. With great sadness in our hearts, we share the death of our friend Trevor Scott Strnad. the post posted on Instagram and Facebook began. “Beloved brother, son, and Shepherd of good times and was loved by everyone who knew him.’

The band’s original members called Strnad a “walking encyclopedia of all things music.”
“He was a hugger. An author and one of the greatest entertainers. His songs filled audiences with stories, enchanting humor, and whimsy.

Strnad initially formed the group in Michigan in 2001. The name comes due to the death of Elizabeth Short, furthermore popular as the Black Dahlia, which has turned into an unsolved case that is among Los Angeles’ most extended unsolved cases.

The band continues to stay on the label until the present and plans to drop eight albums of full length over time.
Verminous, the group’s most recent track, debuted in April of 2020. Strnad described the song in terms of “the biggest evolutionary leap.”
“We would like an album to feel like a wild journey,”‘ he said about Verminous. A peak-and-valleys-filled adventure from start to end.’

The reason behind the death has not yet been revealed, and there is speculation that he committed suicide.

In his 20-year time with the band, Strnad has released nine albums, including Verminous, in 2020. Yule them All The band’s live DVD was scheduled to release in the near future.

The principal component defining the main element of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal, The Black Dahlia Murder, began its career in 2001. The band has been a critical and commercial success for the past 20 years.