Who Is Kelly Keegs Boyfriend, Kmarko? Breakup Rumors Explained

Kelly Keegs is an American journalist and podcaster best known for her work in the world of Barstool Sports. She joined Barstool in 2020, and her fans have developed solid bonds with her since her arrival.

Her most famous work is her show Whine With Kelly However, she is also a freelance journalist at MuckRack. She is also the co-host of the game eating Cutting Stems on Barstool.

Kelly could have a role as one of the hosts on Barstool Vs. America. In the meantime, she has become an extremely well-known participant in the group.

Biography, Age, Height & Boyfriend of Kelly Keegs

How Old Is Kelly Keegs Barstool?

Kelly Keegs is 30 years old. She was a student at Hunterdon Central Regional High School, however. The school was involved with various societies and activities at Hunterdon Central Regional High School.

Who Is Kelly Keegs's Boyfriend, Kmarko? Breakup Rumors Explored

In the spring of 2009, Kelly was enrolled in High Point University 2009. The school graduated in May 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in communications and marketing.

Birth, Parents, Siblings & Education of Kelly Keegs

Kelly Keegs is a 30-year-old woman who is above 5’7′′ tall. She celebrates her birthday on December 8th, the day she was born in 1990 to her parents.

Patricia Keegan was born and raised in New York City, as were her mother and father. Kelly is an obvious New Yorker.

As part of her studies, she graduated from Hunterdon Central Regional High School. In 2013, she graduated from High Point University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and communications.

She has previous media experience. There is no information about the family or siblings available.

Who Is Kelly Keegs Boyfriend

Kelly Keegs’ boyfriend’s identity is not known on the web, but it is believed that she’s with a fellow member of Barstool Sports.

There are numerous discussions on this person over the web, including solid connections with Matty Mush and Kmarko.

However, there is no official information on this issue on the internet.

The involved members have made public statements about the allegations, and the speculations are based on information from insiders.

On Twitter and Reddit, Kelly Keegs’ breakup with Kmarko has been clarified.

Kelly Keegs dated Kmarko, who is also called Keith Markovich, in 2018. After quitting his post as editor-in-chief in 2020, Kmarko was a journalist and blogger in the company of Barstool Sports.

They were spotted again in 2018, before breaking up in 2019. The reason for their breakup isn’t publicized. Keith does the blog on behalf of Barstool Sports.

Keith’s former coworkers and customers protested against his removal after he allowed a non-Barstool employee to write a customer’s political column on the company’s site online.

Professional Career of Kelly Keegs

Her most well-known work is Whine With Kelly’s podcasts that air every week; however, she is also an independent reporter for MuckRack.

She is also the co-host of the Barstool’s Cutting Stems drinking game show.

Barstool Vs. America is an upcoming podcast she and her crew have co-hosted and produced.

A majority of the content focuses on sports. Three episodes have been released already.

Cutting Stems by Kayce Smith is a digital recording made by Keegs.

Barstool is an entertainment and sports news blog that also features a.

It wasn’t apparent when she first appeared on TV the first time.

She’s working on a new project titled Because We Got High, about the fantastic moments we live through each day.

V Magazine previously employed Kelly for 18 months. She also served as a record manager at Secco Squared for a short duration.

Kelly Keegs’ total assets aren’t easily accessible in a specific amount.

Keegs might have built up substantial assets in her role as webcast host. Earnings, on the contrary, remain unknown.

Do Barstool Sports fire Kelly Keegs?

Kelly Keegs has not been fired at all by Barstool Sports. Recently, there have been various internal disagreements and misunderstandings between the numerous employees of the media organization.

After the incident, There was speculation that Keegs could be fired.

On the other hand, her social media pages continue to show her as an employee of the crew. Kelly is not yet disqualified, as evident by this.