Who is master p wife? Who is Sonya C?

Who is master p wife? Who is Sonya C

Who is master p wife? Who is Sonya C

SONYA C is most known for being the wife of hip-hop legend Master P. When the news of their daughter’s untimely death was published in May 2022, the parents voiced their grief.

Who is Master P’s ex-wife?

Sonya C, also known as Sonya Miller, is a Richmond, California-based female rapper.

Sonya debuted her debut album Married to the Mob in 1993, before having children.

She also collaborated with Master P on a number of tracks for his albums beginning in 1990, including singing and performing.

Sonya moved on to Pepperdine University to study Theatre Arts, Journalism, and Photo Journalism after her divorce.

How long did it take Master P and Sonya C to tie the knot? And why did they get divorced in the first place?

The pair married in 1989 and have been together for more than 20 years.

In 2013, the couple made headlines once more when Sonya C filed for divorce, leading in a reported heated feud over the worth of their financial holdings.

Who is master p wife? Who is Sonya C

The lady who was divorcing demanded a $67 million for separating gift from her husband, according to TMZ, and claimed she deserved a piece of the rapper’s riches.

Miller’s drinking and drug use were blamed for the breakup of their relationship.

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According to insiders, Master P feared it was having a bad impact on their young children.

“I take wonderful care of all my children. All of their requirements are met in excess,” the rapper said in a public statement about their split in 2014. I grew up in a slum. We’re not in a relationship because I’ve transformed my life, but she wasn’t ready to be a part of it.”

According to Master P, the couple eventually sorted their disagreements informally in 2016, but nothing was ever brought to court.

Five years later, the artist filed paperwork asking a judge to make his single lawful.

Tytyana’s (daughter) death was announced in May of 2022, only weeks before her tragic demise.

Reminiscing over the end of their relationship “Things happen in a relationship,” Master P said on Wendy Williams’ show about their breakup. People grow closer, but they also grow apart.

Who is master p wife? Who is Sonya C

“She was unquestionably present. For the past seven years but we haven’t been in the same relationship… I’m not enraged by her. “I’m in love with her.”

What is the total number of children owned by Master P and Sonya C?

Master P is the father of nine children, seven of whom he shares with his ex-wife Sonya.

He was denied custody of four of his smallest children in 2014 after failing to attend at a court hearing.

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