What happened to Trina niece Baby Suga ? How did she died ?

It has been reported that Trina’s niece, who was fondly referred to as “Baby Suga,” has been murdered in the Liberty City neighbourhood of Miami.

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What happened to Trina niece and how die she died ?

During the exchange of gunfire, Suga and two other women who were visiting the area on vacation were all hit by bullets, although the circumstances of the victims who are still alive are unknown. The investigation that is currently being conducted by the police is intended to ascertain whether or not the shooting was random or targeted.

On her Instagram account, Trina frequently shared photos of Suga. In the year 2020, she commemorated her niece’s birthday by creating a unique film montage showcasing the two of them enjoying a night out together. In the caption, she wished @skinny girl suga a happy birthday and wrote “Happy birthday SUGA.” However, the Instagram handle belonging to Suga has been disabled.

In order to commemorate the occasion, Trina’s supporters, friends, and family got together for a block party on Northwest 15th Avenue between 63rd and 65th Streets for the first annual “Trina Day.” During the party, Mayor Francis Suarez gave Trina the key to the city of Miami,

Wednesday night about midnight was when the incident occurred, and the authorities have opted not to reveal the identification of the person who was shot.

However, in separate statements to TMZ, Local 10 News, and NBC 6, relatives and other people close to the situation confirmed that the deceased 17-year-old was related to Trina and known as Baby Suga. These statements were made to separate news outlets.

In addition to Trina’s niece, two other women were also hit by gunfire and required medical attention. They were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, however there is currently no information available regarding their status.

The authorities are investigating whether or not there was a specific reason for the shooting; however, it is widely held that Suga and the two other ladies were Shot by gunfire for the simple reason that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Trina, who was hosting an event in a different section of Miami just hours before the tragedy, has not yet issued a public remark regarding Suga’s passing.