Twitch Recap 2022 Launched: How To See Your Annual Highlights?

Every year, Twitch rolls out personalized recaps for users to see how their time went on the platform. Twitch Recap 2022 is here and users can see personalized insights, stats, and highlights for the year. Find out how to see your Twitch Recap for 2022.

Recently, services like Reddit, Spotify, and YouTube are releasing annual recaps to let users realize what they were doing throughout the year. Twitch is the latest platform to join this list as users can find their individual as well as a community-wide recap.

Twitch Recap 2022 Released on December 13th

Twitch Recap is the annual summary of how the users spent their time on the platform and what went down throughout the year. The Amazon-owned streaming platform released Twitch Recap 2022 on Monday, December 13th, and it’s live right now.

This means you can check your own personalized Twitch Recap for 2022 using the method we have shared below. There is also a community recap that features some highly intriguing stats, facts, and insights.

A lot of things happened on Twitch throughout the year. Your personalized recap will only focus on what happened around you. It will have key metrics like hours watched, categories watched, channel points earned, and more.

How to View Your Twitch Recap 2022?

You can access and view your Twitch Recap for 2022 on any device including your PC, smartphone, smart TV, and even your gaming console. This time, Twitch has launched a dedicated web page to view the annual recap.

Previously, Twitch sent out the annual recaps in emails until last year. However, there won’t be any emails this time. You can check your Twitch Recap 2022 using the procedure below:

  • Open this link in a new tab to see your Twitch Recap 2022.
  • Once on Twitch, sign in to your account.
  • On the Recap page, switch to the “Viewer” tab.

Finally, click on “Show Me” and see your Twitch Recap.

That’s it. You can also navigate to the Community tab and view the community-wide highlights of the purple platform.

Twitch Users Are Going Gaga Over Recap 2022

Ever since Twitch rolled out Recap 2022,social media users are buzzing about it. People are posting their recaps while others are pinning down key highlights from the year. Streamers and gamers were the first to post their recaps.

Twitch has also shared a highlight video of the Recap 2022. It highlights what the gaming and streaming community was up to this year. You can have a look at it here:

You can also share your Twitch Recap 2022 on social media platforms. For that, after viewing your annual recap, click the “Download” button and it’ll be saved on your device as a shareable graphic. After that, you can post it on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or anywhere.

You can also share your Twitch Recap 2022 as a private message to your friends and loved ones. Feel free to let us know what was the most interesting aspect of this year’s Twitch Recap.