The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers -Full Week

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers April 15 to April 22:-

Taylor doesn’t immediately tell Brooke that she wants her opinion. The brunette lays down the law with her busybody rival. While Hope and Liam try to help Steffy in their own ways and Sheila adjusts her GPS. where is she heading? Perhaps to a new extreme of chapter.”

Bold & Beautiful spoilers Friday, April 15,

In Friday’s recap – Ridge is speechless as Taylor jumps in to Sheila’s defense. when all realize that Steffy doesn’t recall the shooting.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Ridge promises to bring to justice those who have hurt his family. This makes perfect sense. What or who could stand in his path? In the same episode…

Taylor makes shocking statements about Ridge and Sheila. Will Taylor have discovered that Ridge is the Genoa City ex-resident responsible for the recent violence? Will she have learned that the former Genoa City resident is responsible for the recent carnage? This is troooouble, however you slice it.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers week of April 18

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Carter is committed to doing the right things, which could only mean that Carter pushes Paris to marry Zende, as her mother has lobbied so hard for. He may also agree to officiate the ceremony, as he does Forrester weddings like it is his second job. Maybe it’s his first!

Sheila is enraged by her guilt and lashes out at Deacon. If the walls begin closing in on her latest collection of horrendous crimes, will she decide to use Deacon as a fall guy? 

Bold & Beautiful spoilers Tuesday, April 19,

All “Quarter” lovers are invited! Quinn and Carter go for a stroll down Memory Lane… it’s bound to be short considering they hadn’t been together for so long. They had a great time. It is possible that a return to their steamy past could lead to unresolved emotions between the Forrester CFO’s wife and his boss.

Steffy shocks Ridge and Liam by making a shocking comment. Will she reveal that Sheila killed Finn and then shot her in coldblood? Or will her bizarre comments indicate that there is something more concerning about her recovery?

Hallmark sets a new standard for viewers and itself by presenting a love story that is truly heartfelt.

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Bold and Beautiful spoilers Wednesday, April 20,

Steffy is helped by Liam in her darkest hour. This is unlikely to go down well with the Sinn fans who “Steam”-ed flashbacks of their love in the wake Finn’s death.

Our suspicions could have been right: Carter asks Quinn for an admission. Do we need to be concerned about Eric? It’s unlikely. We all know that Donna will be waiting to help him if his marriage to the brunette schemer fails.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers Thursday, April 21st:

Although we can’t quite imagine Brooke putting herself in this position, it’s not the first question we have asked. Ridge and Taylor arguing with Steffy about what could may happen?

This sound like it could backfire spectacularly. Hope attempts to help Steffy get back on track. What could go wrong? Have a look at our Hope and Steffy long-standing rivalry to see what you can do!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers Friday, April 22nd:
The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Taylor is firm with Brooke, Hope regarding Steffy’s treatment. We don’t see why the Logan would have an opinion about Steffy’s treatment. Unless it means that Liam stays by Steffy’s side.

This is scary: Sheila’s panic skyrockets when it seems that her poorly constructed house of cards is about come crashing down around them. We all know that Sheila is her most insane when she feels trapped. What will be her next crazy move? 

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