After dating for a considerable time, internet sensations Symonne Harrison and Nick Bencivengo have decided to go their ways. Symonne, who is stars on TikTok, was the first person to address the breakup publicly, and she did so on YouTube on Sunday (July 10). Following her video, Nick also stated that they were no longer dating.

Symonne Recalls Some Happy Times from their relationship

Symonne Harrison, who has more than one million followers on Instagram, broke the news of her breakup with Nich Bencivengo in a video she uploaded to YouTube on Sunday. During the video, she reflected on some of the most memorable and precious moments from their time together (July 10). The social media celebrity, who is also a model and an actor and is only 16 years old, admitted that the breakup was challenging for her because Nick was the first person to know everything about her life.

She claimed in a video that she always phoned him first whenever something significant—whether happy or sad—happened to her. It is clear from her statement in the video that the two of them do not have a positive relationship with one another at present. Harrison shared the news of her breakup with Nick a week ago in a video she uploaded to her YouTube channel, which has 1.17 million subscribers.

In addition, she also published a post on Instagram that features a picture from the past in which the two of them are shown holding one other tightly. It was posted by Symonne with the following: “I wasn’t done loving you….” Their family, friends, and followers immediately began posting comments to offer support for the two at this challenging time. Nicole Rossi left a remark saying, “Sending supportive thoughts and messages your way, and sending positive energy your way.” I am here for you Symonne , love you Symonne.❤”

Throughout the video, Symonne talked about some of the most memorable experiences that she and the other young influencer had while they were together. The video appears to have concluded on a positive note, despite the fact that Nick was not present for its entirety. However, Nick also spoke to his audience and announced the divorce through a statement that he issued on his own behalf.

Nick also confirms the breakup of the couple.

A few hours after Symonne published the video, the social media personality, who is 19 years old, posted a brief clip on his YouTube video. In the clip, he addressed the breakup and confirmed that they had ended things a week ago. Symonne’s video was launched shortly after the clip was uploaded. He was honest about his feelings for Symonne, stating that he wished just for her to be happy.

Nick Bencivengo, a well-known social media figure, shot to prominence thanks to his self-titled TikTok account. He gained 4.1 million followers on the platform mentioned above as a result of his dances and lip-syncs. On YouTube, he is famous for his posts’ pranks and challenges.

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On the other side, Symonne began her career in acting when she was only seven years old, but she started dancing when she was only two. In the early stages of her career, she began performing at Disney World and in her hometown for the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team. Regarding the difficult moment, we wish the couple the best of luck and hope they will be able to reconcile, as their love was unquestionably advanced for their ages.