Karlton Noah 5 year old boy Balloon Accident – What Was his cause of death? How did he die?

Following the tragic death of her five-year old son in an accident involving an helium balloon, a grieving mother sent an urgent warning to all parents.

How did Karlton Noah Donaghey die

Karlton Noah Donahue’s tragic death occurred in Gateshead in Tyne and Wear. He was wearing the inflatable above his head.

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On June 23, he tried to climb inside the balloon in the form of a dinosaur. His mother Lisa Donaghey, 43 was shocked when he got stuck in it.

The child was administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation immediately on the spot. He was then transferred to the Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI), in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, for further treatment.

Karlton was admitted at The Great North Children’s Hospital, June 29, and was there for intensive care for six days until his ventilator was tragically shut off.

A mother-of-4 after her youngest child’s tragic loss, Lisa is doing all she can to educate parents about the hazards of helium balloons.

What was the Cause of his death ?

Karlton may have inhaled too much toxic gas, leading to his death. However, the coroner has not yet confirmed this.

Lisa spoke out in a ChronicleLive interview, stating that “it’s toxic and can take a person’s life in a matter of seconds.” It is extremely dangerous.”

My son was having fun pretending to be a dinosaur when he was attacked by it. You can lose your life, whether you are an adult or child.

“I urge grandparents, parents, childminders, students, and anyone else who comes in contact with helium, to be careful how they use it and dispose it. This includes how they store it and how they use it.

A beautiful five year old girl passed away too soon. I will never, ever want her pain on anyone else.

She told how, just moments prior to the tragedy, she had been out in the garden with her three children, Joe (20 years old) and Karlton (25 years old), taking advantage of the nice weather.

When he checked on him, the 43-year-old discovered Karlton wasn’t responding to his calls in the parking garage.

She told her story of seeing him lying on the ground with the balloon around his neck and draped over his head as she entered the room.

“It was a balloon with the shape of a dinosaur, and it was the same size.

He is a dinosaur-like balloon who has stuffed himself in a balloon to amaze his nieces. I shouted as he pulled the balloon off and fled.

I think I took him to the back of the patio. I, his mother, knew he had died since he was nonresponsive.

“His eyes were open wide, and he looked pale.”

Karl Donaghey, 35 and mother of the child, went to the shops to buy a giant green balloon for their son, who was five years old.

Karlton visited the amusement park the first time he was there. He spent the whole day enjoying the rides.

Lisa continued, “He had always been very well behaved and never asked for anything. He was never ungrateful.”

He was so lovely, I rewarded him. His passion was dinosaurs, and “dinosaur sound” was one of his first words.

She told how Kaitlin’s daughter and Amiee Morrison, the next-door neighbor to her family, tried desperately to revive Karlton before any medical professionals arrived.

Her mother commented that she had fallen asleep on the grass, after having collapsed outside. It’s possible I shouted and screamed all the time.

“I couldn’t bring myself back inside. My infant son was being worked on, and it was a terrifying time for me.

“The ambulance arrived in just four minutes, but it appeared like it had been there for over four hours,” said the patient.

Lisa arrived at the hospital and was immediately informed by a specialist that her son was in a “very severe condition.”

She explained that she fell on the ground and couldn’t get up. I couldn’t stop crying, and I kept saying, “My baby son, My baby boy!” It was the worst thing that could have happened.

Final words

A young kid gone too soon. The world is missing out on his potential. It’s hard to imagine what could have been, had he been given the chance to grow up and live a full life. But we’ll never know now, because he was taken from us far too soon. All we can do is remember him and honor his memory. And, hopefully, learn from the tragedy of his untimely death, so that other young lives can be spared in the future. Rest in peace, little one. You will be missed.