How did Stephanie Bissonnette, the “Mean Girls on Broadway” Dancer die? Know Everything About her Cause of Death, Obituary and More

The whole dance community of New York was shocked and saddened after hearing the news of Stephanie Bissonnette’s death. Stephanie was a renowned dancer and educator with a passion for teaching the art of dance to others. She was best known for her role as Dawn Schweitzer at the “Mean Girls on Broadway” dance center.

Let’s delve into who she was and what made her such an incredible dancer. Keep reading more to know about her

Who was Stephanie Bissonnette?

Stephanie Bissonnette was born in Massena, New York, in the United States. She began performing professionally at the age of 10 and gradually earned recognition as one of America’s most talented dancers. During her long career, she taught dance at various studios in New York City, traveled around the world to teach master classes, and created two musical revues that were performed off-Broadway. In addition to her performance career, Stephanie also held many leadership roles in different organizations throughout her lifetime. Most recently, she served as President of Dance Educators of America where she worked with teachers across the nation to help promote excellence in dance instruction.

The Legacy of Stephanie Bissonnette’s

Stephanie Bissonnette’s legacy lives on through her students and mentees who have gone on to become successful dancers themselves. During her time as a teacher and mentor, Stephanie shared her love for dance with countless students who have since gone on to make their own mark in the world of dancing. Many of these students are now working as professional dancers or teaching their own classes; they all owe much of their success to Stephanie’s guidance and support during their formative years as young dancers.

How did Stephanie Bissonnette die? What was Cause of her death?

Tragically, Stephanie Bissonnette passed away on Saturday, December 17th, 2022 after a courageous battle with cancer. She was taken from her family and friends too soon, yet surrounded in love. Stephanie’s holding onto hope throughout the tough times inspired everyone who knew her to live their lives to the fullest. She had an unwavering courage and will be forever remembered for that quality and so much more.

Stephanie Bissonnette Obituary

Stephanie Bissonnette’s obituary was an immense source of sorrow. Her untimely passing was a tragedy for everyone who knew her. Stephanie courageously battled in her struggles and passed away surrounded by loved ones, making her last moments peaceful and full of comfort. Stephanie left the world with an undeniable legacy of warmheartedness. She was an incredible person and will forever be known for her generosity and fearlessness.

Stephanie’s selflessness has been remembered, celebrated, and deeply appreciated by those around her. The kindness Stephanie showed during her life impacted many people, each remembering it in their own way as they shared comforting words after the announcement of Stephanie’s death. Stephanie’s memory will remain strong amongst family, friends, and all those touched by her compassionate spirit; she will never be forgotten.

Tributes Pour to Stephanie Bissonnette

Stephanie Bissonnette was an absolute fucking joy to watch on stage. She loved what she did and it was impossible not to smile watching her dance. And she was always so kind to me, and such a big part of my experience with MG.
Fuck cancer.

sad to hear about stephanie bissonnette’s passing.. despite having met her for only a few moments, it was clear she was such a light and the absolute sweetest. thinking about her family, friends, and former castmates at this time. may she rest in peace ❤️

kayla world cup rights 🇲🇦 ミ☆@leatinrights
so sad to hear of the news of stephanie bissonnette’s passing. there was always something that seemed so special from the outside looking in about the family the mean girls cast (and ensemble specifically) formed. first darius, now steph, hard to believe it. rest in peace

Natascia Diaz
Tears just fall.
Having trouble with this tragic news. It literally took my breath skimming social media and finding it and then realizing of course…we haven’t heard from her in awhile. While we weren’t close, her power and fire and facility and multi technical expertise as a dancer was simply breathtaking to watch. No one could go from style to style like her from one count to the next. You don’t think someone….and someone so young, someone who could do what she did,…is anything short of super human. That such a grave illness unthinkably befell her, and how bravely she bore it, fought it…was something along with so many, I followed…and made sure she felt my admiration and support, no matter how well we actually knew each other. But she always made me feel like I too was a special dancer, and always said how she loved taking class with me. When she messaged me last Jan to say how she just loved watching us on the Kennedy Center Honors…I made sure to tell her how much I was pulling for her fighting to come back. That was the last time we connected. But the memory of Stephanie in movement is burned indelibly into me, and will forever remind me to dance, live, more fiercely. You were taken way way way too soon, Stephanie Bissonnette My heart goes out to her family and friends. Fly free Stephanie, because I’m pretty sure you’re not resting in peace, but dancing fiercely into Light….
We are all
So lucky
To be here.

Jennifer Johnsen Murray
Heartbreaking 💔 Sending prayers and love.

Stephanie was an incredibly talented dancer with a passion for teaching others about the artform she loved so much. She will be remembered fondly by everyone who knew her for inspiring generations of dancers with her creative choreography and commitment to excellence in dance instruction. It is clear from all those whose lives she touched that no matter how long ago it happened or how far away we are from each other today, Stephanie’s legacy will live on forever through those who choose to continue pursuing their dreams just as she did throughout her life. Rest In Peace Stephanie Bissonnette!
Who was Stephanie Bissonnette?
Stephanie was a well-known dancer and educator from Massena, New York, best known as a Dawn Schweitzer at the “Mean Girls on Broadway” dance studio.
What happened to Stephanie Bissonnette?
Stephanie Bissonnette died on Saturday, December 17, 2022, after a long battle with cancer.