Simpsons Predictions For 2023.

Jokes aside this could get really serious. In this article, we cover what the Simpsons are predicting for 2023, Simpsons Predictions For 2023, how many times the Simpsons were right, how many jokes they have told, & more.

There are approximately 1,224 specific future predictions made by The Simpsons. There have been around 120,000 jokes in the show’s 29 seasons. There are at least 16 instances where events The Simpsons prophesied turned out to be true, proving the show’s propensity for foresight.

Simpsons Predictions For 2023

U.S. & China War

The tensions have increased in recent years so this could be a possibility. Trades, Cybersecurity, & Territory Disputes are some of these conflicts. They did mention nuclear warfare… God Help Us if they are right…

Female Presidency

This is a possibility. We have already had Mr. Threatening Public Enemy 1 Trump, & Schitzo Biden in the office so why not a female president next? >.< #rantover Also we do have a female Vice President.

Inflation & Economic Crisis

Do I need to even mention this? We are all feeling this economic state & let’s face it that it’s some more than others. This may be correct…

Anarchy may make us collapse is a statement by a character in the Simpsons.

Zombie Virus Outbreak

The Simpsons zombie apocalypse

Yes, you read that right. I wouldn’t have considered this from the Simpsons but they predict it. This was spread through the digestion of a new form of hamburger. The cows were fed something different minced & sold in patties.

Pollution On Environmental Levels

Lisa Gets The Blues.

The pollution generally goes when there is a zombie outbreak.

Colonizing Mars

I believe that Elon Musk would appreciate this one. The year mentioned was 2050 so I wonder when the time would have been that we colonized. They were there for many years in the show it seems.

Tesla Auto-Pilot Cars

This prediction about Elon Musk may be true. We are having issues with charging the cars that hurt the environment with their energy made to make the battery & recycling components that pollute the earth. I’m, not a fan.

Robots Will Take Over The World

Elon is developing robots to help us do chores, etc. Could this be a possibility?

Yeah, Idk about this…

We already have robots helping us in real life such as auto-piloted cars, robot assistance in surgery, and AI Police Dog Robots which now have flamethrowers… no joke.

The robots were also said to possibly take jobs which may be a thing in the future. We have some restaurants entirely run by robots. Yes, there are human technicians on standby but still… progress I am afraid.

Earth Is Struck By Asteroid

In the episode, there was a bunch of destruction & the citizens didn’t act terrified when they should have. It highlighted the importance of paying attention.

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Simpsons FAQ

When Did The Simpsons Get Their First Emmy?

1990 – The Simpsons win their first Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program.

Most Inappropriate Thing In The Simpsons

“The Simpsons” has a long history of pushing boundaries and using satire to address controversial or sensitive topics. Some viewers have found certain episodes or moments to be inappropriate due to their portrayal of stereotypes, crude humor, or controversial subject matter.

where do the Simpsons actually live.

“The Simpsons” is set in the fictional town of Springfield. However, the exact state in which Springfield is located has been deliberately kept ambiguous throughout the show’s run. The creators of the series have intentionally chosen not to reveal the specific location of Springfield, leading to numerous speculations and jokes about its true whereabouts. This decision was made to allow the show to reflect and satirize various aspects of American society without being tied to a specific region.