Top POC Confederate Flag Powerful Loud Responses Of 2023.

In this article, we will discuss the Confederate flag, POC Confederate Flag, what content creators are saying, and social media responses. The Confederate flag was flown during the Civil War by the Southern states that had seceded and referred to themselves as the Confederate States of America.

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Although the Confederacy had three different flags, its battle flag is the one that is most frequently referred to as the Confederate flag.

While some contend that the Confederate flag is a symbol of Southern pride, many now see it as a derogatory and racialized emblem flown by white Americans who promote white supremacy.

Top POC Confederate Flag Powerful Loud Responses Of 2023.

What Are Content Creators Saying About POC Confederate Flag?


I always get these types of comments. If I saw a group of white men with this flag raised hanging off their trucks what would I do? And the answer is very simple. I’d either not bother them because they aren’t bothering me. You know the old term of minding your own dam business?

My only other option is to find out where they are going because I can guarantee that there is going to be some good booze and some dam good-looking woman in some daisy dukes. I don’t see anything wrong with the dam flag. Actually, a majority of people don’t even know what that flag is.

That flag represents nothing other than Southern pride. If you are not familiar with that flag then watch the Dukes Of Hazard. General Lee will set you straight. I’ll tell you what, I will definitely not be afraid of those people in that truck. In actuality, if I am in trouble and I see one of those trucks chances are that that guy can whoop some @$$. The more you know…


Here is their response to being told that they were crazy for hanging out with a bunch of coons.

Andre Davis & Alex Gregory

I’m just being a man. I’m just a man of America and that’s it.

Andre Davis & Alex Gregory

You can’t be black and like the Confederate flag.

Shut the f&*^ up.


In response to being called racist, the man speaks the truth.

Man speaks the truth.

That X on the flag is a christian symbol. That would be jesus hanging up on that cross. When you didn’t know how to write your name you signed with an X. Don’t you come around here talking about ehat him and his men did. They had the stars and stripes becuase the yanks believed in them. Don’t come around here lying on my flag. Here the full discussion in the video above.

Man speaks facts.

Here is the response of a man that sees two flags flying in front of someone’s home. The flags were the Back The Blue, & The Confederate Flag.

This is a very confusing set of flags for me as a former police officer. It basically says that you don’t currently support the current government and you’d like to overthrow it but you are for the people that would fight you and stop you if you decided to stage a insurrection. That’s like Luke Skywalker flying across the galaxy in his X-wing with a Stormtroopers Lives Matter sticker on his ship.


Crazy Allegations:

Most Liked & Shared Comments on TikTok About The Confederate Flag.

Most Southerners fought for less federal government and more state rights than anything else. Learn some history before you speak on it.

@Gunther Vladimer

Litterally not the battle flag research before you talk the Dixie flag wasn’t the battle flag and southern pride is the life as farmers.


:Omg so uninformed. First off the civil war was not about slavery and the Yankees had slaves too. The war was about farming and money.

@Michael Beasley

If you are interested in learning more about the facts of the wars I would strongly suggest looking more into the history of it and less into the news and other creators that push a clear narrative of division, backpedaling, and egotistical tendencies.

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