What Happened to Shanquella Robinson? Latest update Check Out the Shocking Video!

A shocking video of Charlotte native Shanquella Robinson, being beaten up by her friend has gone viral across social media platforms.

Keep reading to know more about the tragic incident, what happened to her, who did that, and much more!

Disclaimer: This article may contain material that may be harmful or traumatizing to some viewers.

Who was Shanquella Robinson?

Shanquella Robinson, 25, was born to her parents Salamondra and Bernard Robinson in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. She raised alongside her sister Quilla Long. She was a businesswoman by profession. She ran a successful braid and extensions business in Charlotte.

What Happened to Shanquella Robinson?

Shanquella Robinson and her friends went on a Mexican vacation for Halloween weekend on October 28, 2022. Sadly, she mysteriously ended up dead within 24 hours.

Her friends told her family that she died of alcohol intoxication. The family later found out from the autopsy report, that wasn’t her cause of death, she had a broken neck. Then a shocking video surfaced of allegedly Shanquella being beaten by a friend.

Watch the actual video of her murder

Shanquella Robinson’s Family Reacted to Her Death

Her Mother:

Shanquella Robinson died in the first 24 hours she was away,During the last talk, Shanquella told Salamondra that their party “had a chef. They were getting ready to eat. They were eating tacos or a salad or something, and I said, ‘OK. I love you. Have a good night, and I will talk to you tomorrow.'”She said that after this phone call, “I never talked to my child again. She never made it back home,”

according to WNCT.Salamondra said the entire group returned from Mexico, leaving her daughter’s body there. Nearly two weeks and $6,000 later, her body is back home, but answers have been hard to come by.

Her Sister:

Her sister Quilla Long revealed in an interview that the family had received phone calls from people in Mexico who claimed that a physical fight took place where Robinson was beaten up. However, the family went on to believe the alcohol poisoning claims. But, later they found out that she was being badly beaten up by her six friends.

Netizens Reacted on Shanquella Robinson’s Death

Several netizens took to social media to express their concern over Shanquella Robinson’s perplexing case after it was revealed that she might not have died from alcohol poisoning.

AshCash mentioned: ‘Nah them “friends” did something to her. Even if it was an “accident”. They did it or know which ones did. Smh

Another one pointed out: ‘It’s very suspicious that you can’t find any of them on social media. They’re guilty.’

Jack Ricks tweeted: ‘That shows you how sad this current generation is.

The Neighbourhood Talk posted on Instagram:


The U.S. Department of State issued the following statement:

“We are aware of these reports. Protecting the welfare of U.S. citizens overseas is among our top priorities. Out of respect for the privacy of those involved, we have no further comment at this time.”The hashtag #ShanquellaRobinson is trending on social media as her family and loved-ones search for answers surrounding her death.Keep visiting the website to know such incidents in detail and use the comment section to describe how you feel about her.