Scelta Veronica Uomini E Donne Video – The Movies Of The Men And Women Episode

Scelta Veronica Uomini E Donne Video:- June 1, 2022 Canale 5, at 14.45 will show male and female episodes. The primary will be selected by the tronista Veronica Rimondi. After Luca Salatino decided to leave the present with Soraia in the past, the younger tronista was immediately referred to as “dad’s child”. Veronica will choose between Matteo Farnea or Andrea Della Cioppa while seated in the pink armchair at the analysis center.

The preview suggests that Veronica will present an alternative during the recording on Friday, 20 May 2022. Here is Veronica’s minute-by-minute story on Maria De Filippi’s present.

Tina Cipolari wept when Andrea offered an alternative. Tina, the columnist, was moved to explain that she wanted a special ending for her suitors. Tina said, “I always wanted Andrea. As a boy, you had a lot respect for me.” Tina left the studio as Andrea spoke. She added, “Though this method isn’t the best.” Andrea laughed and left the stage to thank Ida Platano and the commentators: “Okay, we made a lot of fuss”.

“Our journey is intense and long. We got to know one another very well through conflict, confrontation, and determination. Now. It was a gradual realization that I had managed to bring out a portion of my character that wasn’t there before. Each day we became more and more.

Scelta Veronica Uomini E Donne Video

From the beginning, I said to you that I see you as a mature man who is always by my side. I have never lost anything from you and you have always been sincere and honest. I was assured that you would get 100 of the 100 things you want, on any day you choose. I trusted you to not deprive you of anything.

After thinking about it, I was able to clear all my doubts. At this point, my mind tells you to follow your lead, but it also tells you to not direct my heart towards you. It’s not trivial, it’s obvious. But I must thank you for all you have done. You’ve always treated me with respect. I was blessed to have met such a wonderful person that she will forever be in my heart.

Andrea responded, “I would like to tell you a thousand different things, but they won’t come out.” “Maybe you think that I will keep a few chairs. But it’s not worth the effort. This is why I don’t like it. I feel that you have confirmed my feelings about this decision. I have been worried about people who aren’t open-minded. Your attitude is not what I expected.

It may be difficult to find the time. You are my priority, no matter what. You are beautiful. Your parents should be proud. You are not worthy of being maligned. I will always keep you in my heart. It would be nice if it did. But maybe I do know a little. That’s not me. Take it easy.”