How Did Randy Lemmon Die? What Was The Cause Of Death? know Everything About Him

On January 5, 2023, Houston lost a beloved radio host. Randy Lemmon was known as the Garden Guru for Houston and the Gulf Coast. For over 35 years, he offered valuable and knowledgeable advice to the people of this area on lawn care, gardening, and outdoor living in this particular climate. He was an expert in his field and will be deeply missed. Let’s take a look at what made him such a special figure in Houston radio. Keep reading more

Who was Randy Lemmon?

Randy Lemmon had a wealth of knowledge when it came to gardening and lawn care in Houston’s humid climate. He was able to draw from his vast experience working with different varieties of plants and grasses in order to give tailored advice that was specific to individuals’ gardens. Not only did Randy have a natural aptitude for horticulture but he also conducted extensive research before appearing on air each week. This combination of expert analysis and personal experience allowed him to provide sound guidance that would help listeners achieve their outdoor goals.

For 35 Years, The Garden Guru Was Here To Help

Randy Lemmon truly cared about helping others live their best outdoor life in Houston’s unique climate. He was passionate about sharing his knowledge so that others could make informed decisions when it came to their garden or lawn care needs. That passion is what kept him going for over 35 years—even after the pandemic caused him to move into online-only radio shows for a period of time. His commitment to providing reliable counsel no matter what the circumstances showed just how dedicated he was to his craft.

How did Randy Lemmon die? What was the cause of Randy death?

Randy Lemmon known as ‘The Garden Guru’, Randy provided entertaining and helpful tips to both home gardeners and professional landscapers alike in and around the Houston and Gulf Coast area. Unfortunately, complications from a stroke proved fatal as he died at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City where he was surrounded by his family members at the time of his passing. He was greatly admired for his work in the gardening industry for many years, leaving behind a legacy that won’t soon be forgotten.

Tributes Pour to Randy Lemmon Death

RIP Randy Lemmon. Listened to the “Gardenline” more than I ever knew. You will be missed.

Ann Forshee Moore
So very, VERY sorry to be reading this. He was an amazing man. He will be truly missed. May GOD bless his soul and give his family peace beyond all understanding.

Today, we remember Randy Lemmon as more than just the Garden Guru; we remember him as someone who cared deeply about sharing his knowledge with others so they could get the most out of their outdoor experiences in Houston and beyond. Although he has passed away, his spirit lives on through those he helped both directly and indirectly throughout his career as an esteemed radio host in this city –– one whose expertise will never be forgotten by those lucky enough to have heard it firsthand. Rest In Peace Randy Lemmon! We thank you for your dedication and service over these many years!