How Did Eric Mumford Die? Know about his Cause Of Death Obituary, wife and more

On Friday, December 23, 2022, the world said goodbye to Eric Mumford – the beloved husband of Judge Lynn Toler of Divorce Court fame. Born on January 1st, 1951 in the United States to two African American parents, Eric was a successful businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who always put family first. He will be remembered for his hard work and positive thinking that helped him become a well-known figure in his profession. Let’s take a look at his life and legacy. Keep reading more

Who was Eric Mumford?

Eric Mumford was an accomplished businessman who had worked for several companies throughout his career. In 1978 he joined Cadillac Motor Cars as a Sales Manager. During his time at Cadillac he was recognized as one of the top sales representatives in the country. In 1983 he left Cadillac and went on to work at Home Depot where he rose through the ranks and eventually became an Executive Vice President and Regional Manager of Operations with responsibility for over 200 stores in 17 states. After 16 years with Home Depot, Eric went on to become CEO of Staples Advantage which is part of Staples Inc., one of the world’s largest office supply companies. While working at Staples Advantage he created innovative products and services that enabled businesses to operate more efficiently while reducing their costs.

In addition to his success in business, Eric also made lasting contributions to society through philanthropic efforts such as supporting educational initiatives for underserved children and helping families affected by natural disasters. He was also very active in local politics serving on several boards including The Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, The Greater Atlanta Economic Development Council, The Georgia Hispanic Alliance for Leadership Development (GALAD), The National Association for Latino Elected Officials (NALEO), The National Black Caucus Foundation (NBCF) and The National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME). His involvement in these organizations helped promote diversity and equality within communities across America.

How did Eric Mumford die? What was the cause of Eric death?

The tragic death of Eric Mumford has left the community in deep anguish as many people are left to mourn for his loss. What was the cause of his death is a mystery as none of the details have been officially released pertaining to it. What we know so far is that his death was confirmed but no further details on its specific cause were made available. His memory will be treasured by those he held dear, and now all we can do is remember him fondly while waiting for the full story to unfold.

Who is Eric Mumford wife Lynn Toler?

Well she may be most famous as the long-time face of the show Divorce Court, but in real life, Toler was actually a passionate romantic. She and her husband Eric Mumford were married for over 33 blissful years — a remarkable milestone by today’s standards — before she sadly announced his death on Instagram earlier this year. Her husband was a huge source of strength and love in her life, and it’s clear that his loss still resonates with her. A true testament to the power of the human heart, their marriage serves as inspiration for many couples in their own relationships.

Eric Mumford Obituary

Eric Mumford was a successful businessman whose hard work led him to achieve great things during his lifetime. He will be remembered not only as a devoted husband but also as an inspirational leader who used his skills and resources to make a difference in people’s lives both professionally and personally. His legacy will live on through those whom he touched during his lifetime – friends, family members, colleagues, mentees – all of whom can take comfort knowing that they were blessed enough to have known such an amazing person like Eric Mumford during their lifetime! Rest In Peace Eric! We love you!

Tributes Pour to Eric Mumford death

RIP 🙏🏿
Judge Lynn Toler is mourning the loss of her husband, Eric “Big E” Mumford, who passed away before Christmas. 🕊️🙏🏾🖤🍦