One Piece Chapter 1052 Release Date Spoiler Alert

One Piece Chapter 1052 Release Date

Welcome to all manga series lovers, this article is specifically for manga fan’s who are waiting for One Piece 1052 next chapter. The entire audience are extremely excited to learn about the next chapter of the show. As always, the final episode of the show has left viewers in awe with the ending and this is the reason that caused the viewers to be eager to watch the next episode. According to reports, the episode is closer to streaming. Find more information about when the One Piece Chapter 1052 release date.

According to the most recent reports according to the latest reports, the next installment of the program will continue the show’s entertainment on June 12, 2022.

 It will air in various time zones based on certain time frames. 

The show will begin streaming at 8 PM according to what is known as Pacific time, and 4 pm according to British time, and at 8:30 pm according to Indian Standard Timings. 

Netflix’s official Twitter account Netflix has announced the news on Twitter in appreciation of the rich storyline and the exemplary characterization of the cast who are in search of the greatest treasure in the world.

The creators of the show have also released a teaser trailer for the show, giving an overview of the upcoming chapter. 

The show’s promos have been causing a buzz on every social media platform on Wednesday.

 A spoiler was also posted by a popular social media site. 

The page has released details about the special chapter of the show.

It was titled ‘New morning which could be credited with the confrontation that Germas together with Caesar as the main character on its cover. 

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Hawkins will have an exchange with Drake about the battle and the power of Kid and his group of friends.

A few of the reports are stating that after the next episode, the show will be on an extended hiatus.

 The break will begin on June 27, and will return on July 25. Furthermore, the show will mark its 25th anniversary upon its return , and will also prepare for the end of the show’s cult success.

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The show is inspired by One Piece by Eiichiro Oda and is produced by Tomorrow Studios Shueisha. 

The show is based on The adventures of Monkey D Luffy and his team, known for their role as Straw Hat Pirates. The group is searching for an enormous treasure. We remember all the viewers who watched the show on the the 12th of June, 2022 Netflix. Stay tuned to Social Telecast for more updates.