One Piece Chapter 1051 Spoilers Reddit, Twitter Explained

One Piece Chapter 1051 Spoilers Reddit

One Piece Chapter 1051 Spoilers Reddit: One Piece Chapter 1051 will be an adventure, as in the previous chapter in 1050 we have seen that the battle on Wano Island is over Kaido finally get defeated by Luffy as he becomes victorious. Chapter 1051 will continue the story of the fight’s aftermath. Although theories suggest Big Mom and Kaido may be plotting something, Oda is going in a different direction. Oda will be focusing on the upliftment and fixing of things, as well as continuing the story. Follow along to see the One Piece Chapter 1051 Raw Scan and Reddit Spoilers as well as Twitter Leaks: Shogun Of Wano Kozuki Monosuke.

One Piece Manga Chapter 1051 Reddit Spoilers and Twitter Leaks

@orojapan1 is the most well-known One Piece Chapter leaker. He has started digging the story plot and have posted first spoiler of series. 

Even though the chapter is still several days away, people are already excited. 

The first One Piece chapter 1051 leaks were made available to the public with some explanations from Sportslumo to help them understand what the new chapter will be all about.

The Manga’s cover will reveal that Germas is about to escape. 

As Kurozumi Orochi is no longer able to control Wano Country, the dots in this chapter are starting to connect. Red Scabbers must be given credit for that. There’s more to Kozuki Oden’s story than being there.

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Tama Flashback and the New Shogun

This chapter will also reveal who the Shogun of Wano Country will be. It will also shed light on Tama’s powers. 

Momonosuke gives a speech, and will be the Shogun. Twitter users shared their thoughts on what they expect from the raw scan. 

Fans want to see an adult Momonosuke, and how he would look. Shinobu put his body twenty years in the future.

Spoiler 1: Momonosuke will become the Shogun. The narrator also tells us that he will be the best shogun ever for Wano countries. This is true or not? Tama’s flashback shows that her devil fruit’s power lasts only for one month. What are you going to make of it?