Martha Stewart Devastated by the Loss of Pet Peacocks Especially ‘Blue Boy’

Martha Stewart Devastated by the Loss of Pet Peacocks Especially 'Blue Boy'

Martha Stewart is heartbroken by the loss of her dear peacocks.

The lifestyle guru, aged 80, shared on social media that her BlueBoy and other pets birds had been brutally killed by coyotes.

“The coyotes arrived in broad daylight, and devoured him along with five other men including the White Boy,” she posted on Instagram on July 23, along with a video showing the peacock flaunting his stunning feathers. 

Are there any solutions to get rid of six aggressive and large coyotes that have a high-priced taste in poultry?

Martha explained that she would not allow her peafowl to leave their yard, and that wire fencing would be used to enclose their large yard.

Martha is a true animal lover and has owned a collection of pets throughout her life. According to Martha Knows Best, Martha has owned several dogs, including Chin Chin, Paw Paw and Chin Kahn as well as the French bulldogs Francesca and Sharkey, Bete Noire, and Creme Brûlee. Her cat collection includes Chiggi, her first cat (who was adopted from shelter), to Verdi and Vivaldi. She has Uncle Vanya and Tiny as well as TeenyNew Kitty, and Weeny .

Martha Stewart Devastated by the Loss of Pet Peacocks Especially 'Blue Boy'

Martha raised peacocks in addition to chickens, cows and geese.

She shared her 2020 article, “Raising animals can be very stressful. I work hard to be a good pet owner to all of them.” Some respond in friendly ways while others are more distant and some don’t seem to know me very well. They all seem to understand that I care about them and their problems.

She said, “Each pet requires a lot of attention and training, and some require more than others.” The rewards are well worth the effort.

Martha mourned publicly the loss of Princess her cat in April. She was attacked by her dogs.

Stewart posted a picture of Princess Peony’s burial on Instagram. “The four dogs mistaken her for an intruder and killed her little self. She will be missed very much.”

About Martha Helen Stewart

Martha Helen Stewart owns Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. She has achieved success in a number of business ventures that include publishing, broadcasting, and merchandising. The 80-year old reality star has hosted two syndicated television shows: Martha Stewart Living and Martha.

She was convicted in 2004 of felony charges in connection to ImClone’s stock trading case. She spent five months in federal prison before being released in March 2005. But, her media empire was not destroyed by the case. In 2006, she returned to profitability and joined the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia board in 2011.

Martha loves the country life. She lives in the countryside, surrounded with farms and delicious food. That’s what her Instagram shows! Our hearts go out to Martha’s peacocks.