John Gwynne dies aged 77″ What Was His Cause Of Death ?

John Gwynne, a legendary figure in the sport of darts, passed away at the age of 77 after battling with cancer .

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Gwynne, a commentator on darts for Sky Sports for the previous 20 years and a member of the Professional Darts Corporation Hall of Fame, announced his retirement from the broadcasting company in 2013. He was the primary cricket analyst for North West Tonight and local radio stations serving Lancashire during his time working for the BBC. He was employed there for a period of a couple of years. In addition to that, he was a contributor to the Soccer Saturday programme on Sky Sports.

What was his cause of death ?

Gwynne, who is a member of the Professional Darts Corporation Hall of Fame, stepped down from his role as a darts commentator for Sky Sports in 2013 after having done so for the previous 20 years.

His fight against cancer that lasted for 18 months has finally come to an end.

He spent several years as an employee of the BBC, where he rose to the position of lead cricket commentator covering Lancashire for both regional radio stations and the programme North West Tonight.

Additionally, he worked for Sky Sports on the show “Soccer Saturday.”

According to a statement made by the man's son, Andrew Gwynne MP, "it is with tremendous grief that I have to write that my wonderful father passed away."

Tribute to John Gwynne Death

Chief Executive Officer of the PDC, Matt Porter, Said: “Everyone who knew John is going through a difficult time right now since he was such a well-known and well-respected person in the darts community and throughout the sports media.

“John’s distinctive voice was part of the soundtrack to the PDC’s formative years and they created an iconic trio” “As part of the original Sky Sports commentary team, alongside Sid Waddell and Dave Lanning, John was a member of the original Sky Sports commentary team.

“He was one of a kind, and he’ll be sorely missed by so many people,” Gwynne’s friend and colleague Stuart Pyke said in an interview with the BBC.

Dave Clark, a former coworker of his at Sky, remarked further: “It’s such a shock to learn that my dear friend and fellow worker John Gwynne has passed away. John had a wonderful commentary voice and was exceptionally good at finding the appropriate words.”