How Did Jay Briscoe Die? Know Everything About His Cause Of Death, Obituary and More

The wrestling world was shocked on January 17, 2023, with the sudden and tragic news that one of its most beloved stars had passed away. Jamin Pugh, best known by his ring name Jay Briscoe and one half of the legendary tag team wrestling duo The Briscoe Brothers alongside his brother Mark, had died at the age of 38. His death was announced on Twitter by AEW and ROH owner, Tony Khan. This is a deeply sad moment for all who knew and loved Jay or followed his career. Keep reading to know get more information about him.

Who was Jay Briscoe?

Jay Briscoe began his professional wrestling career in 2002 and quickly rose to prominence as part of the tag team duo The Briscoe Brothers alongside his brother Mark. Together they rose to become one of the most successful teams in ring of honor history and won a record 13 World Tag Team Championships together. They also held championships in numerous other promotions such as Pro Wrestling Noah, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Impact Wrestling/TNA, Jersey All Pro Wrestling (JAPW), Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), among others. They were inducted into the ROH Hall Of Fame in September 2020 during their final match together against former NXT stars The War Raiders (now known as The Viking Experience).

In addition to being one half of the legendary tag team duo, Jay also enjoyed a successful singles career with multiple championship reigns across various promotions including Ring Of Honor where he held the ROH World Championship twice and became only the second man ever to win both singles championship titles at once after CM Punk in 2005. He competed all over the world from Japan to Mexico over his 19 year career displaying an impressive skill level that very few can match even today.

His Lasting Legacy in Professional Wrestling

Jay will be remembered not only for being one half of an iconic tag team duo but for all his contributions to professional wrestling over his 19 year career. He was a pioneer who helped bring tag team wrestling back into prominence with innovative moves like “The Doomsday Device” which many current wrestlers still use today like Adam Cole’s “The Last Shot”. He will be sorely missed by fans around the world who have grown up watching him perform some incredible feats inside and outside the ring over those 19 years but perhaps most importantly he will be remembered as an inspiration to so many young wrestlers out there who looked up to him as a role model for success in professional wrestling.

How did Jay Briscoe die? What was the cause behind Jay death?

The sudden and untimely death of Jay Briscoe shocked many fans from around the world. Born in January 25, 1984, His career was full of notable performances which earned him lasting recognition after his passing. What may have been even more shocking than his demise was the cause of it – on January 17, 2023, Briscoe died in a car accident in Laurel, Delaware. The news was quickly spread across social media when ROH owner Tony Kahn shared it on Twitter. Sadly, yet another pro-wrestler had to leave us far too soon.

Jay Broscoe Net Worth?

Jay Briscoe is one of the biggest names in professional wrestling, having earned himself formidable acclaim in Ring of Honor. Jay was born on 25th January 1984, and began his impressive career at the age of 17. Jay has solidified his name as one of Wrestling’s most famous competitors and on 9th January 2023 Jay Briscoe’s net worth was an eye-watering $5 million. Whether as a part of a tag team, or as a fierce independent competitor, Jay’s accomplishments have let him stake a major claim to the throne of Wrestling royalty and with such financial success this claim is only strengthened.

Jay Briscoe Obituary

Jay Briscoe lived a life full of adventure inside and outside of the ring; he was an incredible wrestler whose influence will be felt long after he’s gone. Words cannot express how much we’ll miss him but it’s important that we take this time to celebrate everything he achieved throughout his 19 year career—from winning multiple championships across various promotions worldwide to helping reinvent tag team wrestling with innovative moves like “The Doomsday Device” which are still used by wrestlers today—so let us never forget what an amazing person he was! Rest In Peace Jay; you will be forever remembered by your fans from around the world!

Tributes Pour To Jay Briscoe Death

Hellblazer Rage@Hellblayzer
Waking up to find that #JayBriscoe has tragically passed away is truly heartbreaking! Whilst I never knew him personally, I’ve watched his work for many years & have many fond memories of the entertainment he & his brother provided in the ring. You will never be forgotten #RIPJAY

Alain RKO Wrestling
The truth is that I don’t even know what to say, very devastated by the news of Jay Briscoe’s death. A great individual fighter and tag team Wrestling legend, being part of one of the best teams in history. 2023 couldn’t start worse. Rest in peace Jay 😭😭