Is Ryan Rems Sarita Dead or Alive? Filipino comedian Died Of Viagra Overdose? Death Hoax Explored: Before he even won, the funny one-word comic from Novaliches was making ripples on the social networks. Ryan Rems is a well-known TV personality and comedian in the Philippines. He won The ABS-CBN midday variety program’s hilarious single grand prize. He is a famous comedian across the world. He died of a Viagra overdose, as per several popular stories. Ryan Rems Sarita is his full name, but his nickname Ryan Rems is more popularly known.

Ryan Rems Sarita

Ryan Rems Sarita Death Hoax

According to the viral news report, he died aged 43 because of a Viagara overdose. Ryan Rems is a well-known TV host in the Philippines, and he was Born On the 3rd of November 1978 . He is a famous comedian and television host from the Philippines.

Their death hoax of his has become viral on the internet, but there is no proof that he passed away. Relatives or his friends didn’t confirm the death announcement. Instead, rather than the official Filipino authorities, stated the information was confirmed with absolute certainty that he died, Most online users are already accepting the news, and they are devastated over the death of the comedian.

He has been working in the field of leisure since 2008, and, He became quickly famous as a stand-up comedian,

Is Ryan Rems Sarita Dead or Alive?

According to the report that he died at 43 of a Viagara overdose. Ryan Rems is a well-known TV host in the Philippines. On the 3rd of November 1978, Ryan Rems was born. The comedian is well known as a comic and television host throughout the Philippines. He has been fighting the hoax of losing his life for quite a while. According to Hearsay, the comic’s death resulted from a Viagra overdose.

As per one of his friends, the comedian died because of a Viagra overdose. A few of his followers have offered their support for his family. He has passed away, and people have begun to pay tribute to his memory. He was just 43 when he died. Their fans of his will not have the opportunity to meet him and will never be able to take pleasure of his humor

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