Is Alexei Milkov Dead or Alive? Rumors About the Potential Gas Agency Director’s Death Surfacing

Alexei Milkov is a renowned geoscientist, professor, and director of the Potential Gas Agency. Rumors about his death have been surfacing the web since the morning. Is Alexei Milkov dead or alive? Find out here as we explore the truth.

There have been several reports and web articles on the internet claiming that Alexei Milkov has passed away. However, there are also reports available stating that he is alive and well and nothing has happened to the highly skilled man.

Is Alexei Milkov Dead? Or, Is He Alive?

Alexei Milkov, the Director of Potential Gas Agency, has reportedly died this week as per the claims available on the web. Rumors of his death are rapidly circulating on social media platforms. However, none of them mentions a credible source that we can believe.

Hence, we’d recommend that don’t believe Alexei Milkov is dead until his family or close friends share an official statement about his passing. This could merely be yet another internet hoax that people could’ve spread to gain more views.

What happened to Alexei Milkov?

As per the reports Alexei Milkov died in a tragic accident. However, no details about the same are mentioned. Some reports also claim that Milkov died of a cardiac arrest while sleeping. He was reportedly in his 50s.

We don’t recommend believing these rumors as there isn’t a believable source attached. We’re currently trying to reach out to his family to get an update on Alexei Milkov’s condition. Make sure to check back to this post tomorrow to read the latest information.

Who is Alexei Mikov?

Alexei Milkov is a famous geoscientist and researcher who lives in Golden, Colorado. He is the director of the Potential Gas Agency. Milkov completed his BSC in Geology from St. Petersburg State University in 1996 and then completed his MSC from the same institute in 1998.

After that, Milkov earned a Ph.D. degree in Geology from Texas A&M University. He started his career with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in 2002 as a Post-Doctoral Researcher. Later on, he worked in several major positions at BP and the Colorado School of Mines.

Milkov is currently the director of the Potential Gas Agency. The award-winning geoscientist has global and US experience in more than 30 onshore and offshore basins including vast expertise in conventional oil & gas and unconventional resource plays.

If Milkov has passed away, we’d like to extend our condolences to his family and send prayers to the departed soul. We’ll update this post with further information later.