White Unicorn Fish Found First Time in Malta

On October 27th of last year, a Maltese fisherman caught something new in the waters off Birżebbuġa: A White Unicorn fish.

Officially known as Naso annulatus, this species is normally found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, making its appearance in Maltese waters something of a rarity.

In fact, this is the first time this particular fish has been recorded in the Mediterranean area.

The fish has registered as part of the Spot the Alien Fish Campaign, which aims to track and document foreign species in Maltese waters.

While the fish was caught last year, it was only recently that researchers were able to confirm its identification.

The White Unicorn is popular with aquarium breeders and is considered a valuable addition to any collection.

However, researchers are still working to determine how this fish made its way to Maltese waters, and whether or not it will have any negative impact on the local ecosystem. For now, the appearance of the White Unicorn remains a mystery – but one that scientists are eager to solve.