How did Ronnie Cuber die? Cause of Death Explained

Ronnie Cuber, the famous American baritone saxophonist passed away this past Friday. Read on to know how did Ronnie Cuber die, what happened to him, and what was the cause of his death.

Cuber was mainly known as a traditional jazz musician for which he was considered a legend. The veteran also performed in Latin sessions and appeared in a number of pop-, rock, and rhythm & blues recordings before his death this week.

Who was Ronnie Cuber?

Ronnie Cuber was a veteran jazz saxophonist born on December 25, 1941. He also played in Latin, pop, rock, and blues sessions. Alongside his primary instrument Baritone Sax, he played tenor sax, soprano sax, clarinet, and flute.

Cuber was known for hard bop and Latin jazz as a leader. He played with the likes of B.B. King, Paul Simon, and Eric Clapton as a side man. You can hear him on Freeze Frame by J. Geils Band.

His most famous performance came on Dr. Lonnie Smith’s 1970 Blue Note album Drives. Cuber was also a venerated member of the Saturday Night Live Band.

How did Ronnie Cuber die?

Ronnie Cuber died on Friday, October 7, 2022. He was 80 years old. The veteran musician reportedly passed away peacefully at his home while surrounded by his family.

His close friend and popular American pianist Eddie Palmieri announced the tragic news of Ronnie Cuber’s death. Palmieri paid tribute to his late friend via Facebook.

“In memory of my dear friend Ronnie Cuber who just passed away, it was truly unique. Known primarily for his musicianship on the baritone saxophone, his contributions to an eclectic variety of musical recordings span more than 60 years,” he wrote.

“Ronnie delivered tasteful lines on my Harlem River Drive album and his solo on Coast to Coast is one that epitomizes the kind of range Ronnie always had as a notable session musician. He is one of those people who will live forever in my heart and the memories we shared on the bandstand and in the studios will always be cherished. “

He concluded the post with: “Thank you, Ronnie, may your spirit roam free and be blessed! #ronniecuber”

Ronnie Cuber dead at 80: What was his cause of death?

The specific cause of Ronnie Cuber’s death wasn’t released immediately. He reportedly passed away at his home peacefully at the age of 80. Netizens are speculating that Cuber died of natural causes as he was already a very aged man.

Cuber allegedly suffered from a number of lung and heart-related issues due to old age. However, nothing is confirmed at this time. We’re trying to reach out to the people who were close to him. We’ll update this section once more information is released.

Ronnie Cuber Obituary: Funeral Details and Survivors

The funeral arrangements for Ronnie Cuber are pending at this time. His family is yet to release the details for the visitation, funeral, and burial ceremony officially. We’ll keep you posted when more information is released.

The details about Ronnie Cuber’s survivors are also unavailable at the time of writing. Our team is still trying to find more information related to the late saxophonist. You can check back later to know more details.

Ronnie kicked off his music career with Slide Hampton in 1962. He then went on to work with George Benson and was also a member of the Lee Konitz nonet between 1977 and 1979. Later, he was a part of Frank Zappa’s group and the Mingus Bang Band.

He was also an off-screen musician for the movie Across the Universe, directed by Julie Taymor.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ronnie Cuber’s family and friends. May God offer them strength and allow the departed soul to rest in peace.