How did Kelsey Kennedy, Trinity Haven’s Host Homes PC, Dies ? Cause of Death Explained

Kelsey Kennedy from Indianapolis passed away this past Wednesday. Read on to know how did Kelsey Kennedy die, what happened to her, and what was the cause of her death.

Kennedy was the Host Homes Program Coordinator at Trinity Havens. She acquired the position last year in January and had been serving it with full integrity. Her unexpected passing has left the people around her shocked and grieving.

Who was Kelsey Kennedy?

Kelsey Kennedy was an American social worker who always advocated for those voices required amplification and who frequently fought against the injustices in the system. She was an Indianapolis native and lived in the Greater Indianapolis area.

Born in 1990, Kelsey Kennedy starter her career as an advocate for Indianapolis’ homeless population and later became an employment specialist at Horizon Homes. She also worked as a Support Specialist at Eskenazi Health.

Since January 2021, Kelsey Kennedy had been working as a Host Homes Program Coordinator at Trinity Haven. The lovely and brave woman recently won the ELEVATE Nonprofit Employee of the Year award.

How did Kelsey Kennedy die?

Kelsey Kennedy died by suicide on Wednesday, October 5, 2022, as per the online obituary for her. The manner and circumstances surrounding her suicide are unknown at the time of writing. However, certain reports claim she hung herself at her home in Greater Indianapolis.

“Kelsey embodied unbelievable strength and courage and was never afraid to speak about their challenges with mental health. We know that they would want their friends and family to know this, and importantly, to acknowledge it,” the tribute announcing her death states.

It further quotes Kelsey’s words where she promotes mental health care: “I believe we have the ability to impact one another by making space for the hard feelings and ensuring that you don’t have to be alone when hard feelings come up.”

Kelsey Kennedy Suicide: What was the cause of her death?

The reason why Kelsey Kennedy took the extreme step of suicide is unknown at the moment. She reportedly didn’t leave a suicide note either. The caring woman always wore a smile to the world and educated people about caring for mental health.

It’s speculated that Kelsey had been struggling with her mental health recently but never opened up to anyone about it. This led to her taking the extreme step of committing suicide this week. However, nothing is confirmed at this time and merely based on speculation.

Kelsey Kennedy Obituary: Funeral Details and Survivors

Kelsey Kennedy passed away this week. She was just 32 years old and had her whole life in front of her. She took her own life and her family has been shocked by the incident. Her arrangements are currently pending.

The family is yet to announce the schedule for the visitation, funeral, and burial ceremony. We’ll keep you posted when more information is released.

Kelsey Kennedy is survived by her mother Nancy Renner Clear, stepfather Bruce Clear, father Ted Kennedy, and stepmother Lisa Kennedy, four siblings, three step-siblings, seven nieces and nephews, and countless friends and extended family.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to them. May God let the departed soul rest easy.