How Did Marciano Cantero Die? Cause Of Death Explained

The legendary musician Horacio Eduardo Marciano Cantero Hernández died at the age of 62. He was one of the emblematic singers, bassists, and leaders of Los Ananitos Verdes. The whole music world is at a halt hearing the news. On September 8, Juan Carlos Mendiary, his manager confirmed the sad news to the media.

What is the cause of death? Let’s read further to know more.

“He always said in all the interviews that ‘Amigos’ – because of the song – he composed it because he wanted his son to be his best friend, and it came true and he knew it, so that leaves me alone.”

By the words, said by his son Javier meant that he want to remember him not just as a singer or an artist, but as the amazing best friend and human that he was.

What was his cause of death?

Marciano Cantero died at the age of 62. He has been hospitalized at the Cuyo Clinic in the City of Mendoza, since the end of August. A few days back he was admitted because of kidney complications. On Wednesday, September 7, the condition worsened. One of his friends told that he has undergone surgery and his health condition is expected to improve. According to the authority reports, he died of complicated kidney conditions in Cuyo Clinic on September 8.

More information about the surgery, according to the source, revealed that the surgery has been performed to remove a part of the spleen and kidney. His relative revealed that his condition worsened after he has been admitted to the clinic.

His son, Javier alleged to the media, “As much as I am very sad, I am 30 and these 30 years that I was able to spend with him was a gift. I can’t help but be happy for the great man he was and for all the love that was returned to him these days.”

He further let the media know, “After the operation, he had not-so good moments. Today was better, but the truth is that the situation was critical. The truth is that the picture was not very good. I want them to remember him not only as the composer, the singer, the artist he was but also as a wonderful person and my best friend in the world”.

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A slight insight into the background of the singer

Marciano Cantero was born on 25th August and was fond of the Beatles when he was nine. Remembering his career, one can be in awe and was at the forefront of the mythical group which is now the most exportable of Argentine music. His hits can form a long list but some of them are “The Green Wall”, “I Saw you on a Train”, “Bolivian Lament”, and “For the Rest”. The group consists of a trio, Felipe Staiti on guitar, Daniel Piccolo o drums, and Marciano Cantero on vocals; this trio was selected for the Festival de la Falda as Revelation.

Tribute to Marciano Cantero by Lezzo Proyecta

And this was the push the band needed to finally decide to go to Buenos Aires to record their debut album, which would carry the group’s name. The song “I’m still singing” from the album raised a ruckus on the radio and rapidly turned into a rock “classic.” Their fame increased with the publication of their second LP, Contrarreloj, in 1986, which allowed them to perform on the radio in nearby nations. They also achieved their goal of attending the Via del Mar festival in 1988, when they took home two “Silver Torches”.

Javier Cantero, the late Cantero’s son, acknowledged that his father was unable to overcome the difficulties and thanked everyone for their prayers, support, and encouragement throughout the years.

Our thoughts go out to Marciano’s friends and family during this difficult time.