Who will become King and Queen after King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla? Let’s explore the Royal Succession!

After a 70-year reign on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II passed away at 96 years of age on Thursday, September 8, in Balmoral. She is the longest-reigning monarch in the world after ascending to the throne of Britain in 1952 after the death of her father, King George VI.

Earlier on Thursday, it was confirmed that the “Queen’s doctors are concerned for Her Majesty’s health” as she remained under medical supervision on her 55,000-acre estate in Aberdeenshire. After her immediate family members assembled at Balmoral Castle, Buckingham Palace announced that the Queen “died peacefully” at the Scotland estate in the afternoon. 

At the time of her death, the Queen was not only the monarch of the United Kingdom but also of Australia, Antigua and Barbuda, New Zealand, Grenada, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Canada, Papua New Guinea, and other countries.

Keep reading this article to find out more about the Royal Succession. Who will be next in line for the throne of the King and Queen after Charles and Camilla? and more!

The UK’s New King: Prince Charles

Charles, Prince of Wales, has been announced as the heir to the throne and has been given the title of King Charles III. Being the eldest son of the Queen and the late Prince Philip, he ascended to the throne of the king immediately after the death of Her Majesty. At 73 years of age, he is the longest-waiting heir apparent to the throne, unlike his mother, who became Queen unexpectedly at the mere age of 25. 

Camilla to be known as Queen Consort 

When Camilla married Prince Charles in 2005, it was widely considered that she would not become “queen”, but rather “consort,” who provides companionship to the monarch in both a “moral and practical” sense.

However, in 2022, Queen Elizabeth II said that Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, would be given the title “Queen Consort” when Prince Charles becomes king.

Thus now, following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Charles’ wife, Camilla, will now be known as Queen Consort, a title that comes after years of contention with the blessings of Queen Elizabeth II.

Who will become King and Queen after King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla?

The crowning of a new King and Queen after King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla would be done according to the Royal line of succession.

“The royal line of succession is” the sequence of members of the Royal Family in the order they stand in line for the throne. It is not only regulated through descent but also by parliamentary statute, according to the Royal Family website.

As per the royal line of succession, Prince Charles would be succeeded by his firstborn, Prince William, and his wife will be the Queen consort, then by each of William’s children in order of age: Prince George is now the second in line, followed by Princess Charlotte and then Prince Louis.

Although Prince Harry has renounced his royal duties, he would still be next in line for the throne after Prince William and William’s kids, followed by his eldest child, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, and then the younger son, Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. 

Prince Andrew, who has been stripped of his HRH title by his mother over the Jeffrey Epstein connection, will technically remain eligible for the throne after Prince Harry. Andrew will be followed by his kids: Princess Beatrice and Beatrice’s baby after her. Then there’s Princess Eugenie and her baby, and the list goes on and so forth.

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Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral details

The Queen’s funeral would take place 10 days after the date of her passing. It is expected to be held on September 18 or 19. The funeral of the Queen is expected to be held at Westminster Abbey, the reports revealed.

We send our deepest condolences to the Queen’s family and all the people of the United Kingdom on her death after a historic 70-year reign. We hope that you were able to get answers to all your questions regarding the Royal line of succession through this article. Feel free to make any sort of suggestion in the comments section below.