How did Lt. Terry Tackett die? What Was his cause of death? What happened

Lt. Terry Tackett, a local Presto volunteer firefighter, was killed in a tragic crash on Parkway East this Wednesday. Read on to learn how did Lt. Terry Tackett die, how did the crash happen, and what was the cause of his death.

Tackett was alive after the moments of the crash but had been severely injured. The shocking news of his demise came via social media and triggered a series of tributes from the people who knew him.

Who was Lt. Terry Tackett?

Lt. Terry Tacket was a volunteer firefighter based in Pittsburgh. He was a passionate and brave member of the Presto Volunteer Fire Department. The young man was killed this Wednesday in a tragic manner.

More details about Terry Tackett’s personal life are unavailable at the time of writing. Our team is currently trying to get in touch with his family and the people close to him to gather more information. We’ll update this section later.

How did Lt. Terry Tackett die?

Lt. Terry Tackett died after sustaining fatal injuries in a 3-vehicle crash involving a car, tractor, and trailer on the morning of Wednesday, October 19, 2022. The tragic accident occurred on the East Parkway near Squirrel Hill tunnels.

The news of Terry Tackett’s passing came via social media user Jennifer Borrasso. You can take a look at it here:

She wrote: “💔Heartbreaking Presto Firefighter Lt. Terry Tackett died. Collier Twp.”It is w/ sad news that a PrestoFireman,Terry Tackett passed away todayTackett was in a car/tractor trailer ax this morning on the pkway near Squirrel Hill tunnels Please keep his family in your prayers.”

Lt. Terry Tackett dead: What was the cause of his death?

Lt. Terry Tackett died after suffering severe injuries in a three-vehicle crash this past Wednesday. He was a young man. Tackett was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance after the first responders took care of him at the site of the crash.

First responder Terrance Ryan spoke to a news outlet and revealed that Tackett was alive after the crash. “He had a light pulse, but (there) was blood coming from both of his ears,” Ryan said.

“It was a sad situation,” he added.

Unfortunately, Tackett passed away on his way to the hospital and was pronounced dead shortly later.

Police are Investigating the Crash that Killed Terry Tackett

Ryan also revealed a few other details about the crash. He jumped out of his car to help a woman in a one-car crash half a mile away. He stated that she hit the embankment.

“Then the tow truck came with the arrow to direct cars to push over,” he said. “He wasn’t there two minutes, and we heard, ‘Bang!’ And we turned around and saw the first two cars hit the pickup truck and the SUV, and then the semi ran into the back of the pickup truck.”

Multi-vehicle crash on Parkway East
The freak accident took place on Interstate 376 East around 6:25 AM just before the Squirrel Hill Tunnel. The State Police, the forensic services unit, and the collision reconstruction team are investigating the exact cause of the crash.

We’ll keep you updated on further developments in this story. No charges have been filed yet.